Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toronto - May 2010 - Day 8 (Lobster Attack!)


On Day 8, I have recovered from my jet lag but I leave in 2 days time, how wonderful! Wasn't really in the mood to think or do anything else for that matter so I let my parents decide where to eat for lunch. Somehow we ended up at a Korean Supermarket which I was not aware of. Apparently it was opened several years back and quite popular among the Korean (and Chinese) community living uptown. At the back of the supermarket is a section dedicated to food, food courts to be exact.


I picked one of my favorite, the Korean Cold Noodles (Naengmyeon). There are several common variations of Naengmyeon and the one I ordered was the mul naengmyeon which was served in cold soup. Even the soup has different varities which include broth made of beef, chicken or my favorite, Dongchimi.


Dongchimi is a variety of kimchi served in soup which carries a refreshing, slightly sour / vinegary yet sweet flavors possibly from the pear / radish slices often used. The soup here was lighter as I expected, a mixture of beef broth with Dongchimi perhaps because of the slight vinegary flavors. Was it a common mixture? I wasn't sure but I certainly enjoyed it!


My parents ordered a Chinese inspired stir-fried noodles with special black bean sauce. Actually I should not say Chinese inspired because Korean cuisines to a certain extend has some Chinese roots to it to my humble understanding. Anyhow, it was pretty good, the sauce was rather sweet but in a good and delicious way. Creamy yet not to heavy.


The result was the clean empty plate!


Very satisfied indeed and it was time to do our own trash and go. Oh and this brings me to another point. When are we going to see that diners would do their own trashes at fast food chain in Hong Kong? Possible argument includes the creation of jobs if we leave it as it is but many people take is as granted and make a mess out of everything! When I do my own trash at McDonald's, KFC or Cafe de Coral (yes I occasionally would visit Cafe de Coral!), I get yelled at by cleaning ladies for doing something I should not apparently. Anyhow, one day, I am sure one day I will see it happen! Right?


We were all very full from the meal but on our way out, there were several counter selling hot food! Snacks to be exact but empty temptation already!


I ended up buy one of those cute little grilled? deep-fried? red bean paste filled pastry snack shaped like a fish! It differed from the usual Japanese type I had before especially with the chewy and firm to the bite dough which I preferred. I was full but my second stomach has plenty of room!


So where next? My bed for a nice long nap!! I actually skipped afternoon tea to my own surprised and waited until dinner. I was being treated to this special dinner, a dinner with lobster, huge lobster!! Before introducing the lobster, let me quickly go through the rest of the unexciting dishes; ah well I will just show you the pictures instead.


So what was the big deal with the lobster? It was huge! I mean it weighted 8.5lbs!!! The picture cannot do its justice in terms of size. It was as big and tall as ... 2 -13" MacBook Pro put together side by side or perhaps 5 venti Starbucks coffee cups in length!

8lbs Lobster

Still not sure how big it was? Just the tip / upper part of the of the Claw can eat up most part of a chopstick!


Alright, it looked delicious but the meat wasn't as firm as expected and most of the flavors were somewhere other than in the meat. To be honest, I was not sure it was a good idea to eat such a huge lobster. I mean it was a huge creature ... too huge ... I don't, I just know that I might not order such big and unique creature in the future.


Day 8 >> Lobster Attack!


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Unknown said...

wawww tat's one GIANT lobster! heheheh

HK Epicurus said...

Wow huge lobster ! The claw Looks like one of those aliens attacking Earth (watched too much Ultraman.. :P)

Jin said...

that lobster is humongous!!! how did the girl manage to crack open the shell? hehehe :P

Jason said...

@Rita, HKMFF and Jin: Yeah, the lobster was so large to a point that I was a bit scared!!

Greentea00 said...

u know i always shop at that korean supermarket ah! luv it so much ...

Gastronommy said...

I looove love loooove jajangmyun (the black bean sauce noodles your parents had) and nyaengmyun. My phonebackground is actually a photo of the best nyaengmyun I've ever had in NY. Next time, try the red arrowroot noodles with the beef broth. An amazing meal on a hot summer day.

Jason said...

@Greentea00: really? I love it too and I sure will visit soon again! still have plenty of food courts to try! keke

@Victoria: Oh yeah! That's the name of the black bean sauce, jajangmyun; thanks for reminding. They actually sell them ready made so my parents would buy them and cook at home as well! .... the nyaengmyun is one of the best options during a hot summer day indeed, refreshing yet ... yummy! :)

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