Monday, June 28, 2010

Si Sun Fast Food 時新快餐店


When it comes to Hong Kong style burger, most people would point you to Si Sun Fast Food for its bargain hearty burger with homemade sauce and meat patty. For around HKD16 you get yourself a double cheese burger with fried egg! Do expect long queues and cramped seating arrangement on a first come first served basis. You can bring you own stool and sit outside if you like, no one is going to stop you.


Was it worth the wait? I guess so for its price but not sure if I will come back for the next several months until the summer is gone. It was a pleasant experience thanks to the great company. Check out Mochachocolata Rita's version of this visit. They all ordered mat burgers while for some odd reasons I ordered a fish burger because ... I want to be different? And I even forgot to snap a picture of the fish burger as well! Argh! The Double Cheese Burger with the melting cheese was like calling to be eaten! I was told that the bun was rather soft and the meat ... the meat ... well, hard to tell whether it as pork or beef? HAHA ... At least my fish tasted like fish. As long as it was meaty, it was good enough as a burger (Hong Kong style wise of course)! The addition of the fried eggs in my opinion was a very crucial item for a Hong Kong style burger!


They do offer Pork Burger with cheese but as Rita mentioned, the size of the burgers were pretty TINY that I did not dare to ask for a bite as well. One bite from me would be ... 70% of the whole burger!


I finished my tiny fish burgers within 3 tiny bites and I was ready to tackle the fries and deep fried chicken legs! Who do many of us love deep fried food? Are we going to get tired of it? Not me for sure! The fries were unexciting and the deep friend chicken legs were a bit too dry. It was hard to share so I had to dissect it carefully. I really wanted to order a few more but a look at the line up changed my mind. I really miss the Big Deep Fried Chicken Slab from Taipei's night market which is large enough to serve a small family of ...6!? (alright, maybe small family of ... 4!?)


  • Price? Bargain? ... 
  • Long queue all the time and cramped seating arrangement 
  • Burger size pretty TINY! 

Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Si Sun Fast Food 時新快餐店
G/F, 1A Whampoa Street, Hung Hom
Tel: +852 2362 1279

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