Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Waffle Diner


There seems to be an increasing number restos in town offering hearty food items and Green Waffle Diner is one that I quite enjoyed. It was my second visit but it was a as enjoyable as my first. During my first visit I commented on some of the items and I wanted to check up on the improvements if any. The Fried Chicken and Waffle was indeed an unlikely combo I find them quite ... matching! The owner did improve on the marination of the chicken and this time the meat was more flavorful. It was the fact that they make an effort to improve on the food based on customer's feedback (valid feedback of course). The waffle was airy and crisp, a simple sprinkle of icing was all it needed in my opinion.

I am never tired of fried food so next was fried chicken wings, honey garlic chicken wings to be exact! It was time for some finger action again! Batter was thin and fried very crispy with just the right amount of honey garlic sauce to prevent it from being over soggy. Meat was tender and juicy as well. I will order it again next time!


Pit Beef Sandwich was alright with no surprises here. I expected more flavors from the beef but maybe it was due to the melting cheese overtook the overall taste.


So what was dessert? More waffles of course! Flambe Banana Waffle would have been better with special Movenpick ice cream if you ask me. The banana was not very presentable but they were delicious, try eating all three things in one bite! They seemed to use less chocolate sauce to prevent the waffle from getting too soggy. It was a good move because for some of the other selections, the sauce made the waffle slightly to mushy. They are working on this issue according to the staff and I look forward to my next visit to see how they overcome it.  I still need to come back to try the Fish and Chips!



  • Waffles - airy and crispy / crunchy.
  • Fried Chickens - meat much flavorful than the first visit!
  • Chicken Wings - sticky finger food. 


  • Pit Beef Sandwich - can be a bit more beefy
  • Rather upscale for a diner but confortable indeed. 

Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Green Waffle Diner 
Shop 3, G/F, Kar Ho Bldg,
35-39 Graham St, Central
Tel: 2887 9991

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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

ooo fried chicken - i wanna go too!!!!!!

g. said...

was wondering...if you have tried the other waffles?? like pandan / buckwheat / whole wheat? If you have, what did you think?? I had the eggs benedict @ Green Waffle which came with their 'fries'(pototo cubes) which although I hate potatoes, was surprisingly good and well-seasoned! And the poached eggs were soooooo well-made!

Jason said...

@Rita: Fried Chicken ... never tired of it!! (all fried stuff for that matter haha)

@gastronomous: drooling?

Jason said...

@g.: Thanks for dropping by! I also tried the wholewheat as well but it is more ... doughy and expect it to be a bit more soft. That's usually the way for wholewheat waffles I think (at least from my experience) but I did enjoy it :) ... maybe you can eat it like a toast as well

reporterM said...

nice photos and review...makes me want to try right now!!!

Jason said...

@mag: thanks for dropping by! give it a try and of course have to get some ice cream as well! :)

joanh said...

haha! fried chicken and waffles are really popular in LA.. it's funny to see it hit HK

Anonymous said...

I made a booking for Sunday brunch for five people. We turned up and found they had no record of it. They offered us four chairs at the counter (for five people?!). We left and ate somewhere else.

Jason said...

@Joan: yeah! It never hurts to egg more fried chickens! :)

@Anonymous: Wow, I am sorry to hear such unpleasant experience.I have been hearing issues about the serving speed as well but I thought it has been solved or at least working on it.

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