Monday, June 21, 2010

The Night Market


When someone put "Night Market" and "Food" into the same sentence, all I can think of is the street food and richness of various flavors. But after my recent visit to The Night Market which serves Taiwanese cuisine, I simply miss the necessary evil I call MSG. What really happened the the flavors? or was it my taste buds? Anyhow, the decor was rather upscale and hip, nothing that would reassemble the sort of Night Market I had in mind. 

Fried Shrimps and Squid Balls was crunchy and crispy but lacked the flavors. Texture was alright with the combination of crispiness and softness on every bite. 


Oysters Pancakes, well I think we should call it oyster pancakes with 6 oysters (or 8 if you are lucky). The concern was that there were literally only a few oysters inside this oyster pancakes. If you check out the picture, this particular angle / side did not even contain one piece of oyster. What else? Even with the sauce, my friend and I found it to lack any flavors. Was it really my taste buds?? Humm ... I am not sure honestly.


Silk Melon with Clams carried the same characteristic of lacking flavors. Perhaps they went out of salt? Oh wait, maybe they were creating a healthy version of night market dishes? hummm ... thumbs down for me I am sorry. 


I grouped the following two dishes together because they are very similar, both the Slow Cook Pork Stew over Rice and Stick Rice ...humm ... lacked flavors. Apparently the most flavorful item was the salted cucumber on the rice. Fusion style? 


Service was very good and I hope the opinion I expressed above (as well as the comments I expressed on the spot when being asked that evening) can be implemented. They value customer feedbacks from how they ask diners regarding their experiences at the end of the meal so I hope they continue to do so and continue to search for the best combination that would suit targeted diners.

  • Attentive services
  • Contemporary decor

  • Oysters Pancakes - lacked flavor even with the sauce and very few oysters only
  • Silk Melon with Clams - rather bland 
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

The Night Market
6-7/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central
Tel: 2810 1121

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Unknown said...

bwahahahaha didn't think of this at all when you said "night market" :D

Jason said...

@Rita: Dun you love a sense of surprise!!

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