Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toronto - May 2010 - Day 10 (Can I Stay longer?)


Good things usually come to an end a bit sooner than you expect! My trip to Toronto reached Day 10 and it was time for me to return home to Hong Kong. It was a rather quiet and peaceful day with my parents. Lunch was spent at one of my old time favorite late night hangout place at Times Square (Richmond Hill). Nothing fancy, simplicity was the key and often the best way to enjoy the meal. The trip was ended with a touch of sweetness with plenty of Timbits from Tim Hortons!


The beef brisket noodle was not as good as before, soup was lacking flavors. Can it be possible that my taste buds changed somehow after spending so many years in Hong Kong? hummm ...


Anyhow, the Tomato Beef Rice was more sweet than sour which I enjoyed very much to be honest. 


The rice noodle roll was alright, nothing spectacular yet enjoyable.


Writing this last post on my Toronto trip wasn't easy, not really in the mood to do so exactly. I really wish I could have stayed there for longer! I do plan to come back soon for another stay, hopefully longer than just 10 days! I miss you mom and dad; and you too Toronto! ... The day ended with a touch of sweets from Tim Hortons, its Timbits (tiny donuts) put a lasting smile on my face on the way to the airport!


Day 8 >> Lobster Attack!

Day 10 >> Can I stay longer?


cheeky angel said...

Did any of the Timbits make their way back to HK?

Nini said...

I am pretty new to blogging, so i dun really know how to leave you a msg lol! I figured I have bought all of the glico pretz and most pocky back home now! i still havn't tried them all coz there are just too many lol!

long way to go....its difficult to watch weight i guess...sob sob!!

btw the timbits look amazing under your girlfriend again!!!!

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: I did bring some back but all safely transiting in my tummy during the flight HAHA

@Habbo: Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! haha ... thanks for the comments on the timnits and gf, I say thanks on her behalf HAHA ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

Love your site! I'm a canadian working in NYC and found your site by accident researching for party food ideas for the office. Great!



Jason said...

@Lin: Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you are having a blast in NYC, any pictures of your food adventures there? haha :)

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