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Toronto - May 2010 - Day 7 (Sweetness Overdose?)


What do I mean by Sweetness overdose? How can that be possible? True, actually I don't think it is possible hence the question mark! I woke up quite late on this date because .... I have already adjusted to the timezone! I got up around 11am instead of 7am! Yes! That's normal during holidays! I was not really hungry so my parents and I stayed home for a simple homemade brunch which consisted eggs and toasts. Sooner than we expected, our stomachs were making noises so we called Aunt P to join us for afternoon tea! Where to? We picked one of my old times favorites, Oliver and Bonacini located in the Bayview Village mall. I recalled how I enjoyed the baked chocolate cake with the rich and creamy molten chocolate in every bite, but the item was no longer being offered! Argh!


I started off with a cup of espresso which was unexciting but my mom ordered the B-52 Coffee (which she kept on saying it was Irish Coffee because anything with alcohol in coffee she thinks is Irish Coffee).  It was not as strong as I expected but 3:30pm on a weekdays, way strong that it should be if you ask me!

B-52 Coffee

The Sour Cream Cheesecake was not as strongly flavored as expected but I still enjoyed it. Texture was slightly mushy and soft as well.


As mentioned before, I am a great fan of Bread and Butter Pudding and I would try it whenever I see one on the menu and no difference this time. Alright, it wasn't bad at all but just not the way I imagined it. Perhaps the image at the back of my head wanted it to be served in a ceramic tray, freshly served soon after being out from the oven.


I actually forgot how the Green Apple and Almond Crumble Tart tasted plus I forgot the write any notes about it so I rather no comment it. One thing I noticed though was how my my mom and aunt cleaned the whole plate, if that can be of any indication.


The highlight for the afternoon has to be the Classic Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée. The caramelized top can be broken with the slightest touch. Okay, a bit of exaggeration but it was very thin indeed and not too tooth sticky. Silky smooth custard was full of flavors, rich and deep vanilla flavor indeed.


I loved the crème brûlée which was quite obvious from the aftermath of the dessert attack as shown below.


Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill on Urbanspoon


Dinner was at Solo Sushi Ya which took my friends and I 20 mins drive up north to the town of Newmarket. Apparently this restaurant is pretty well known and has been reviewed by many publications.


The shop was situated literally in the middle of nowhere if you ask me but once inside it was a cozy little place with about a dozen tables. We met Sushi Chef Jyo Gao when we tried to order and he was one serious Chef! My friend was telling the Chef that he looked so serious and everything just went .... not really downhill but rather serious! We were informed that the properly way to dine we should all sit upright and face each other and not to sit sideway! Alright, we needed some beer at this point!


There were many special items on the menu but many were out! We lett the Chef decide for us instead. First came this minced tuna belly with spring onion (negi). It was mushy and very flavorful, a wonderful way to start the meal. Oh yes, we sat properly upright throughout the meal!


The Sashimi platter was wonderful with high quality fish.


My friend enjoyed the shrimp indeed!


The rest of the items were fair but not great.


The udon was surprising delightfully with firm to the bite texture and the katsudon was  very well prepared in term of flavors and texture. It took a while to arrive but worth the wait.


Solo Sushi-Ya on Urbanspoon

We did enjoy the meal not only because of the food but perhaps it was the company that mattered the most. We chatted, we laughed (not too loudly because Chef was looking) and we shared memorable moments from our past.

Day 7 >> Sweetness overdose! plus a date with a serious mater Sushi Chef!


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Rachelle said...

The sushi chef sounds hilarious lol...great to see a man serious about his food though. For some reason those desserts aren't calling out to me...I think we're spoiled by great desserts in Hong Kong!

Greentea00 said...

gosh...u made me starving in the office now Jason! i guess i'll definitely look up to ur list when i go back in sept..the creme brulee and the shrimp sashimi looks so tempting..

Jason said...

@Rachelle, haha the chef was quite serious indeed! He never smiled! We were afraid to look at him!

@Greentea00: Sorry about the unintended hunger trigger haha ... oh you are heading back? Sept would be a good time, perfect weather!!!

Jin said...

a mom who orders spiked coffee when her son orders flat espresso... jason, your mom is cool! hehehe :)

Jason said...

@Jin: haha ... wait til you see what she ordered on Day 9! lol ...

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