Monday, September 13, 2010

Whisk - Sunday Brunch


Sumptuous is often the word being used to describe Sunday Brunches and I could not agree more. I enjoy Sunday Brunches because I believe that after a week long work week, we all deserve a little break during the weekend, to enjoy good food with great company. Here at Whisk, they started offering Sunday Brunch recently with free-flowing Louis Roederer champagne as well. Unfortunately, unlikes other hotel establishments, there is not option to opt-out the champagne if I recall correctly. I have been to the Whisk a few times before but mostly for dinner and I enjoyed my stay the last few times. My favorites include the Suckling Pig (Signature dish) and the Apple Crisp (at least the original version being served in the baking pan, they have changed the serving methods and portion recently unfortunately)

Brunch at Whisk follow the approach whereby you go pick your own Starters / Seafood / Cheeses / Desserts from the various stations and you can order hot dishes on demand (so-called I guess because many of the hot items arrived within minutes after placing the order.) There were a few hot items such as the famous suckling pigs, lamb chops and grilled sweet corns being offered at the hot food stations as well.


In addition to items at the stations, there were a few "tapas" being served at random intervals such as the Oysters Rockefeller, Parma Ham Egg Custard, Pan-Fried Prawn and Foie Gras as well.


Among the few being served, the Prawn was the best, firm to the bite and flavorful with hints of sweetness from the sauce. The foie gras was overcooked and Oysters Rockefeller was average only because I thought it lacked the oyster flavors. I am quite picky with any sort of oysters. the Parma Ham Egg Custard ... humm ... too watery in my opinion and the ham flavor dominated the egg flavor.


One of the highlights of the Brunch (to many people perhaps) has to be the Caviar station. However, to be honest, it is of an acquired taste in my opinion because I am not a big fan out it.


Another must try - Gourmet Fried Eggs with Parmasan Cheese Foam. I was pleasantly surprised by this simple sunny side up fried egg with wonderful cheese flavor and sauce that carried hints of sweetness to it! The little piece of param ham on the side was a good addition to the overall flavors as well. Thumbs up!


Another must try - Roasted Suckling Pig. A Signature dish of Whisk and here basically you can eat all you want instead of paying $3xx during dinner. Golden crisp skin with soft and tender meat layered by a thin film of fat. Thumbs up! You better eat during the first half of the meal otherwise you might not have space to enjoy them.


I ordered the Garoupa from the hot items menu but it was overcooked likely due to the fact that it was pre-cooked for some time and served within minutes upon placing order.


It might look great but the tenderloin was quite tough to chew. Flavor was alright but texture was rougher than expected. It was average only. I am going back for more roasted suckling pigs!



  • I enjoyed the atmosphere because it was not as crowded as other similar establishments. It is for the same reason that the price can be a concern. 
  • Suckling Pig - Thumbs up! Golden crisp skin with soft and tender meat! 
  • Gourmet Fried Egg - quite unique, a must try! 


  • Overcooked garoupa and foie gras
  • Tenderloin texture a bit rough and overly firm

5/F, The Mira,
118 Nathan Road, TST
Tel: 2315 5999



Unknown said...

I agree the suckling pig is delicious!

But I found it a little uncomfortable having the DJ stand there watching you whilst you ate if you were at a table near the DJ area.

Jason said...

@Cheeky angel: Ohhh ... yeah! I don't think DJ is really needed in my opinion. HAHA

Amy said...

Drooling here.....I feel so hungry after reading your post and enjoying all these beautiful pictures!

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