Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spam Party


Some like to call it Canned Food Party, I prefer to call it SPAM PARTY! The whole point of this party was to prepare snacks and food using only canned food. Most of the items included Spam / Luncheon Meat so Spam Party is perfect! I would like to take this opportunity to extend thanks to Mochachocolata Rita for preparing most of the items, details of the relevant recipes can be found ~~ HERE ~~~. You can check out Gastronomous Anonymous' version HERE as well.

We started off with the Canned Fruit Salad which carried hints of sweetness to it due to the use of mango yogurt You can treat this as dessert if you want but I don;t really mind to eat them before AND after!


Next was the Corn Kernels with Bacon and Coriander. Baconnnnnn.


Indonesian Home Style Sop Ayam (Clear Chicken Soup) was yummmm! I think I will try to make it following Mochachocolata's recipe! At this point during the gathering, I was already thinking when the next tea party should be hosted and what theme would be ... FUN! Perhaps at Dessert party? All sweets? Sweetness overdose? hummm


Perkedel Kornet (Indonesian Potato Cakes with Corned Beef). Crispy outside soft and MUSHY inside, wonderful! Corned Beef = can never go wrong! :) Rita told us that this item was hard to make and she failed many times before. I am quite sure it is no easy task indeed and she made it! She did it! It is time for me to learn!!!


We were lucky to have tried a variant of this Baked Spam and Pineapple in Teriyaki Sauce during our last Tea Party and I was happy to know it was served in this little Spam Party of ours. Thumbs up!


Iced Canned Fruit Mix was a very simple yet very refreshing dessert consisted of 1 can of longan,1 can of lychee and 1 can of rambutan + ice and water. Yes it was that simple but I could not stop myself from drinking the liquid right from the pretty orange bowl!


Were all the above enough for us? The answer would be quite obvious right? Of course not!!! That was why we had something as a supplementary meal in between. It was special delivery from Colonel Sanders, say hi to KFC Chickens! :)


Any interesting suggestions for us for our next food party? Of course do try it yourself and watch yourself fall in love with it! :)


HK Epicurus said...

Wow this looks like a fun meal !

Anonymous said...

It was a great day! great food, great company, loads of laughter! i think the sweets party is a good idea - sweetness overload but it will be good! i miss you guys....

John ALia said...

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