Thursday, September 9, 2010


Life is full of surprises and meeting Jin was indeed a pleasant surprise! Our friendship started with our love of food and we chatted online talking about nothing but food for many late nights! If you think that was amazing, I think it is time to share how I met Jin in person for the first time. In her recent entry on her blog,, she "revealed" our amazing encounter! Let me post a snippet here ...

“Are you Jin?”

That is how we first met. During the crazy Hong Kong rush hour, inside Admiralty MTR station. He was by the door inside the train, and I was on the platform waiting for the next one, because it would be too inconsiderate to squeeze thy fatness into the already jam-packed train.
That was his first 3 words to me, after looking at each other funnily and questioningly. After all, we just read each other’s blogs and see glimpses of each other’s photos online. And really, these times, you can’t be sure whose images people are posting as their own. I’ve seen too many Brad Pitts and George Clooneys named Frank Choi, Dave Torres, Justin Cheung, etc. etc.
“Yes. Are you Jason?”  
And that was it. The beginning of a friendship built on mutual love for food. 
[check the rest here!] 

One word comes to mind, serendipity. (oh yes, Serendipity starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite movies of all times!) It was indeed a pleasant surprise but I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere apology to Jin ... for not jumping out of the train at that moment. I was literally by the door when she was pondering with a look of frustration on her face whether to jump in or not. It was very rude of me indeed!  

That was how our friendship started and it marked the beginning of many gastronomic adventures that followed. Her devotion and dedication to food, blog and food photography have inspired me a great deal. Thank you, Jin! :) 

No Running this time?


Jin said...

Thank you, too, Jason! And seriously, no worries! I wouldn't have known what to do at that moment either. Plus, you recovered from the shock faster than I did, signaling to meet at the next station. That was surreal. Like Serendipity, indeed!

Here's to many, many more eating adventures! :)

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Serendipity, the enchanting dance of chance and fate, whispers in the moments where destiny and coincidence collide. It's the delightful surprise when the unplanned unfolds into something beautiful. Embrace the unexpected, for in serendipity, life reveals its most magical and unforeseen treasures, turning ordinary days into extraordinary chapters of our journey.

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