Saturday, September 18, 2010

PAUL (London)


Sorry for the delay in updating new entries, I am currently in London and I am still experiencing a bit of jet lag for some odd reasons even after two days! So I will post a short post for now and will update more during this weekend. We stayed near Canary Wharf which is not exactly a tourist location but more of a financial district I suppose. Since I took a red-eyed flight out of Hong Kong to London, it was 6am London time when I arrived. I was hungry as always but I had to wait for my brother to come meet up with us. What can be the best solution? Find snacks!!! I spotted PAUL the bakery from far away while walking around. Instead of ordering a croissant or sandwich, the HUGE Chocolate Macaron got my undivided attention. It was huge and overly sweet to be honestly but I needed sugar, I needed food! .... MORE FOOD TO COME!!! (Did I already gain weight!?)


Sarah said...

Mmm, I loved Paul in London. And every time I went I grabbed a few napkins for my brother Paul. Let me know what else you get up to there. :)

Carmen said...

yes ... Paul's macaron is good. Croissant is the best!

Unknown said...

Their tarte citron is deliciously sweet yet has enough tang.

Unknown said...

MMMM i remember rolling outta bed and heading off to PAUL in covent garden for some good brekkie to start my dayyy... delish eggs bennie! :D x

Otto said...

I love Paul's strawberry tart. Crisp base with rich butter flavor, smooth cream and lovely strawberry on top!

catty said...

Oh yeah Paul's giant macs are a bit too much! Last summer they did macaron frappes where they blended up a WHOLE giant mac with milk and ice cream! INDULGENT!!

Jason said...

@catty: oh my! I missed the macaron frappes ... do you think they will come up with it again???

Jason said...

@Sarah: I had plenty of visits to Paul indeed! I really hope they will have one in Hong Kong some day!

@Carmen: I had plenty of everything! haha

@Cheeky Angel: I wish they will open one in HK, I heard they were planning to but the rent was an issue or something :(

@jolean: yeah! I went to the one in Covent Garden a few times ... now I wish I am back in London! :(

@Otto: I wish I could have tried all their selection including sandwiches as well!!

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