Sunday, September 26, 2010

Borough Market and Monmouth Coffee (London)


Just a word of caution, if you intend to visit a restaurants in the Borough Market in London (or other dine-in establishments around the city), please avoid going between 11am and noon because many simply tell you to come back sharp at noon when they reopen for lunch. That was exactly what happened to us! Well, I guess that was good time to walk around the Borough Market, for some coffee and for some snacks before breakfast / lunch!


Many shops were still setting up, putting up fresh produces as well as fresh catch of the day. Some were preparing hot dishes ready to be served. The smell and aroma all around was just splendid! I mean I was slightly jet-lagged and dozing off on my way to the Borough Market but the aroma of ... everything in the Borough market acted as my daily injection of caffeine and even better because it made me smile!


Some Toasted Cheese anyone? Lunch in 30 mins or so? Ah well ... perhaps some Oysters? or Both???


My brother bought us to a coffee house near by, Monmouth Coffee. I was told that it is one of the more famous coffee houses around town for its filtered coffee. I quite enjoyed its environment and decor, with brick walls and wooden furniture. Families were sitting around enjoying their cup of coffee and pastries.  I wish this can be the way how I can spend my weekend / weekday morning!


The coffee aroma was quite intense all around, even as we approached the shop 10 meters away. In addition to the daily coffee selection, there were quite a few beans selection for individual purchase.


As warned by my brother, a queue was expected and he was right. At least I was queuing up for coffee and surrounded by endless flow of coffee aroma!


I ordered the Filtered Shot for a more immediate kick!


Watching my filtered shot being prepared was kind of funny, I mean I was feeling excited, content,  cheerful and ... peaceful. Each drop of the coffee meant one drop closer to having it!


So how was the shot? It was quite intense yet one cannot compare it with a typical espresso shot, they are two different thing in my opinion. It was intense and bold with hints of chocolate flavor to it, light acidity in my opinion.


Oohh I almost forgot to mention the coffee was the Pasajquim from Guatemala, San Juan La Laguna.


Of course Coffee alone was not enough, I grabbed a buttery yet .... delicious Almond Croissant. Yes, lunch was in 30 mins but it was hard to resist! I dare you to try to resist!


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Andrew said...

Hi Jason

Great post. I'm a big fan of Bourgh Market (the fact that it was five minutes walk from my brother's last apartment in London was an added bonus). One of my favourite London food experiences is definitely wondering the market, nibbling on a few free samples and deciding what to have for lunch (or breakfast, morning tea or afternoon tea).

Despite my love of coffee and Bourgh market I've never tried Monmouth Coffee from their shop there; the line has always been way too long.

Happy Travels

Tom said...

Did you know the toasted cheese sandwich was awarded by Time Magazine one of the top 10 dishes in the world! I do quite miss it.

Really loving these posts.

Jason said...

@Andrew: I really miss the place, I really want to go back soon!

@Tom: Really??? But at GBP 5.00 a piece was quite expensive. Oh wait, we are talking about London, what a bargain! HAHA ... I really want to visit again!!! Next time I will head to Billingsgate Market for some fresh seafood and cook!

The Chocolate Lady HK said...


Your post made me misses London a lot!
I used to hanging around in Borough Market during lunch time or after lectures. I am a big fan of Monmouth Coffee too! It's the best place to chill out. The bakery next to Monmouth Coffee is good as well. Their pastries and sandwiches are yum~

Nice photos by the way. =)

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