Sunday, September 5, 2010

ABC Kitchen (Revisited)


My first visit to ABC Kitchen was a couple of months ago but on a different capacity. You can check out my first review here. This time around I finally got the chance to order the entire Roasted Suckling Pig since we have 6 people. Pictures will follow later. As mentioned before ABC Kitchen stands for A Better Cooking kitchen which offers a range of Continental cuisines including French, Italian and a bit or Portuguese.  Yeah, it is a mix of everything. Compared with m first visit, one thing I noticed was their menu which was updated quite a bit with a slightly increase in price. I guess that's normal for being popular. And they no long have set dinners, at least on the night we were there.

We started off with La Bouillabaisse which was ... quite watery. I personally think the flavor can be stronger but I guess the fact that it was watered down a bit was the main cause.  Oh right, almost forgot, we had the deep fried soft shell crab as well which was thumbs up! Crispy on the outside and tender in the inside with great flavoring. What I really liked about the soft shell crab was the fact that it remained crispy even after a couple of minutes without getting soggy.


The carbonara was a pleasant surprise. The cream sauce wasn't made with raw egg as in the so-called traditional way but it was rather yummy! Pasta was al dente, together with the savory cream sauce, it was a good way to start our feast. You can see from the picture that there wasn't a huge amount of sauce which I think is a good thing, just the right amount.


Next was the pizza, well, I am not sure I would call it a pizza but instead, pizza like biscuits? The "crust" was thin but hollow as well, really tasted like crackers if you ask me. 


Oh look, it was the Roasted Suckling Pig right on the table! I am impressed with how they asked us whether we want to take a picture of the whole pig before they further "roast" it and chop it up for serving. A nice touch in my opinion. So here we have the whole suckling pig for our picture session. I highlighted the worth roast because I am not certain if it was actually being roasted. Anyhow ... 


The spring chicken stuffed with goat cheese and spinach looked delicious but lacked in flavors somehow, somewhat under-seasoned I think. More cheese would be good! It took me quite a while to cut into 6 equal pieces!!! 


Although the pig was slightly smaller than we expected, when it was chopped into pieces I think we have been tricked by our eyes!!! 4 plates full of large strips of the roasted suckling pig! The golden crispy skin was wonderful with a bit of fatty layers in between the skin and the meat on every bite. the skin was crisp and carried a gluey texture to it thanks to the fat I bet. Meat was tender and flavorful enough that I slowly yet confidently consumed 3 large pieces of them. Warning: it is highly recommended that you order this entire pig if you have more than 6 people to share. We had to pack some home including the head and legs! :)


The seafood paella was ... very disappointing! Not only was it overly moist, it lacked flavors. Much room for improvement. Wasn't sure if it was due to the full house situation that night but that should be an excuse should it? 


  • deep fried soft shell crab - golden crisp on the outside and soft + moist in the inside! 
  • Roasted Suckling Pig - a good balance of meat, fatty layers and golden crisp skin. yum! 

  • seafood paella - overly moist and lacked much flavors. 
  • pizza - more like pizza biscuits with the extremely thin and hollow crust. 

Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

ABC Kitchen
Shop CF7, Food Market,
1 Queen Street , Sheung Wan
Tel: 9278 8227

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Razlan said...

I didn't know there is this roast suckling pig place in Sheung Wan! My mom was asking for one when she was in here earlier this year. I shall note this down for her visit next year!

By the way, do you really log your DSLR around on your food trips?

Jason said...

@Razlan: yea! I log my DSLR around most of the time just in case. :)

Amy said...

The Roasted Suckling Pig looks really yummy. It's one of my favorite dish. :) Guess I'll give it a try when I visit HKG next year.

Jin said...

that pig skin looks really crackling! i hate to say it, but it looks even better than what we have here in manila. hmmm....

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