Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Duecento Otto 208


When I first steped into Duecento Otto 208, I truly thought I was at the scene of Sex and the City, at a restaurant somewhere in New York city. Why? Well, the decor was hip and trendy with beautifully decorated wall-tiles, but the key was the people, the crowds that were present at 7pm on a weeknights. For the brief stay I was there, the place was frequented by model like females and males as well. I mean many of the girls were either in 4" heels and ultra tight pencil skirts or 3" heels and really short skirts! As for guys, many were in tight jeans and pointy leather shoes with tight shirts that somehow lost the few top buttons. Were these good distractions elements for the rustic atmosphere? It is really up to your personal preferences and mood perhaps?


The place has two floors, the ground floor is a bar so-called bar area which requires no reservation and you can still enjoy the a small selection of pizza and a few antipasti. I was assigned a table near the entrance whereby I can have direct contact with every diners coming in. I really enjoy seats where I can face the entrance.


Anyhow, I started off with a bottle of beer. It was Birra Moretti imported from Italy. How was it? Fair? Not a beer type of person but it was quite mild in terms of malt flavors.


Perhaps it was my choice of the Antipasti but both the Sardine and the Prawn (Gamberi insalata) were OVERLY sour for my liking! The Sardine lacked the sardine flavors because the sour flavors dominated it.


The same applies to the Gamberi insalata. Rather disappointing. If you are not sure what the items were on the menu, you can walk up to the display and check it out closely. That was what I did because some items with Italian I have no idea.


Duecento Otto 208 is famous for their pizza, priced close to HKD200 for one sized slightly lager than ... a steering wheel of a children bummer car, I was expecting something exceptional! Alas!


As mentioned many times, what you like the a particular dish at a particular resto is often a question of Managed Expectation. I would not say that the Salsiocia e broccoli pizza we ordered was bad but not exactly the type I was looking for. The dough was thin and slightly chewy, but when lifted up, the center of the pizza slice seemed to be overly moisture and soft as shown in the picture below. Flavors were alright, cheesy enough but a little bit more Italian sausage would be nice so each slice would at least have one? Perhaps more evenly distributed would be nice too!


  • Rustic Atmosphere? Crowds? ... I was overly casual indeed, I should have geared up with my tight shirt as well! 
  • Antipasti - overly sour
  • Salsiocia e broccoli - dough towards softer side and overly moisture in the center. 
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Duecento Otto 208
208 Hollywood Road, SOHO, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 2549 0208



Unknown said...

ehhhh how come we don't get to see the fab patrons? heheheh the heels and miniskirts and bulging chest muscle? :D

Greentea00 said...

really satc? yea ..agreed with should post more pix here n share with us! u make me wana go there on a friday now..but wait, let me lose some weight and get ready for my 4 inch heels first..ouuuchh ..i dont think i can walk on that seriously..

Tom said...

I have so many problems using my work pc to comment on your site for some reason?

Anyway I've been to 208 a lot. Embarassingly too much and do like the alcohol/ pizza downstairs combo. I haven't yet bothered with the food upstairs and on the tenor of your review may well not.

I have to say I remain rather impressed at getting this quality pizza in HK. Compared to NY they aren't wood baked at a high enough temperature but they are *nearly* there and considering that you can't get a good pizza in London (which drove Jen to actually start a pizza night) this is a damn impressive effort!

Still, some of the pizzas need hard work on the toppings and you did need a mortgage (or to be a homesick expat to afford em!)

Jason said...

@Tom: I hope my blog is not being blocked at your work place haha ... I think you should give the full menu a go because the offerings are quite different and may be surprisingly pleasant? I think they are working hard on the pizza but at that price, one has certain expectation instead of giving them many trails, perhaps I was unlucky hahaha ....

@Greentea00: 4" heels and if you have to walk there, it would be something of a good exercise haha ...

@Rita: If I start taking pictures, I might need more memory cards! haha

Razlan said...

Oh, the crowd might have come from my building. For some reasons my block is kinda filled with fab looking hunks and babes. I always come home when they are on their way our, dressed to the nine, probably on the way on LKF.

Gotta check out this place. My list of places to visit is growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Had a very disappointing experience at 208 2 nights ago. I completely agree with you, at those prices, you do expect something more but unfortunately everything fell a bit flat and the hype surrounding 208 doesn't help manage expectations.
We ordered the proscuitto e rucola pizza which wasn't too bad but the worst course by far was the dessert- don't have the panna cotta!

Jason said...

@Razlan: Have you tried it yet?

@Chopstixfix: yeah, a bit overrated indeed and I hope they can improve soon because the atmosphere can be quite nice if all the elements line up! Quite unfortunate indeed.

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