Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frites - Belgium on Tap


Funny story. I ordered this Kwak beer because I found the name quite interesting on the menu and that was it. Apparently there is a story behind the name of this beer and how it was being served in this special funnel / glass. Half way through drinking from this funnel, the beer will start to flow through the narrow bottle neck with increased pressure pushing from the back towards the smaller opening, creating a crackling "quack quack" noise. Not only would it create such an unique noise, the liquid would start to flow in an accelerated pace without notice. If you aren't careful, prepare to wet your shirt! (unless your mouth is big enough to cover the whole opening while I seriously doubt!) How much truth is behind the story I am not certain but it did make the "quack" noise and I did wet my shirt! Argh ...


Anyhow, it was at Frites when I tried my first Kwak beer and I will definitely return to try again without wetting my shirt! The challenge is on! It was a third or perhaps fourth times here. Often here fir happy hour but this time it was for dinner! The first dish was the delicious Fries with Mayo! yes! the magical sauce of Mayo is an excellent choice for fries if you are yet to try! (Someone just informed me that Fries are actually invented by the Belgian, let me do some research and update here!)


Next was the beer sausage! If you don't know, I love sausages, any sort of sausages that is The sausage was good as in many sausages but the highlights must be the soup which we almost soaked cleaned with the bread provided. Slightly salty but savory enough to stimulate the urge to have more!


All of us ordered the mussels but of different variations, 1/2 kg EACH! The Frites House Mussels and my Mariniere which was steamed with White wine, celery, garlic and mixed herbs were thumbs up! While the sauce / soup I had was not overly creamy, the flavors of the garlic together with the herbs gave the soup an extra degree of sweetness to it in my opinion. I almost cleaned the whole pot!



  • Fries with Mayo! Enough said. 
  • Mussels - relatively fresh but the highlight has to be the soup! At least for my Mariniere. I saw that the rest my friends were trying to clean the pot, some even wanted to drink it right from the pot without a spoon so I guess it is worth trying other flavors. 


  • the place can get quite loud during peak hours, prepare to yell in some cases. 

Avg Spending: HKD 200 -300 per person

Frites - Belgium on Tap
Shop 1 & 2, 1/F, Queen's Place,
74 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2179 5179

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Razlan said...

Kwak Beer! I have had similar beer (and setup) at Inn Side Out at Causeway Bay. It is an interesting experience, and I had wanted to get it for my friend on my following visit but I forgot the name of the beer. Now I know; just remember the sound!

And no, no wet shirt for me. I guess I have a big mouth :D

Anonymous said...

$75+10% for a 330ml Kwak! Wow, you must have money to burn.

You can get the same stuff for about half that price in a relaxed waterfront environment at Groucho's in Stanley.

Jason said...

@smogsblog: thanks for the info for sure. If I have known that it can be found at Groucho I would not have ordered it. Good that I know now :) ... Thanks!

Amy said...

Love your photography, Jason! ^^

smogsblog said...

Jason, please go down to Grouchos to have a Kwak and a hot dog and let us know what you think of the place. Have heard their Kwak is crazy cheap, and the food has thumbs ups on Openrice.

Jason said...

@smogblog: thanks for the tips! I will give it a try soon just for the hotdogs and kwak! :)

Anonymous said...

i think the reason behind the kind of glass and the holder is .. according to what i have been told is in the old days when people were driving and drinking that glass would be shaking and the beer would split out from it so to get rid of splitting the beer from the glass while driving they make the wooden stand to hold the glass..

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