Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roasted Rack of Lamb


Talk about being spontaneous! I did not plan to cook this evening but somehow my friend G mentioned that she was planning to cook rack lamb with pine nuts salad. I could not help but drool about it in my mind all afternoon. To rid my sudden craving, I decided to make some for myself! (Thanks G for kick starting my motivation to cook again!)

  • approx. 250g of rack lamb (2 -3 racks), either individual pieces or whole full rack, up to you.
  • Salt and Pepper + Olive oil 
  • Cheery tomatoes - a handful diced to the size you desire
  • handful of fresh basil, chopped
  • handful of fresh rosemary
  • One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • Bread crumbs
Step 1 - Preheat oven at 220C. Rub meat with rosemary, salt and pepper plus some olive oil. Then place meat into bread crumbs, flip until covered evenly.


Step 2 - Please racks on tray and put into oven. Cover the top with foil for 10 mins and then remove for another 10 mins, total 20 mins oven roast time. (It is to prevent the bread crumbs from ... over browning?)


Step 3 - While waiting to roast, chop up the basil.


Step 4 - Dice up the cherry tomatoes to the size you like. (remember to remove the foil at 10 mins point)


Then mix the chopped basil and diced cherry tomatoes along with spoonful of olive oil. Add about half a tea spoon of lemon juice and mix well.


Step 5 - Remove from oven and serve with tomato salad!


It was hard to do the plating with racks in my opinion so I played with them. :) (argh .. excuse the harsh lighting, I am working on that part, learning one step at a time!)



Anna Gabriella said...

looks yummy ^^

Unknown said...

yummm! i want lambbb

KennyT said...

ur lamb rack looks stunning

Unknown said...

Any leftovers? :)

HK Epicurus said...

Masterchef at large !! Looks yum!

Jason said...

@Anna: Thanks! But I should have seared the lamb before putting the breadcrumbs on I think. Plus they are not really sticking on ... haha

@Rita: You want how many? keke

@KennyT: Thanks!! I think roasting the whole full rack would be better but oven too small :(

@cheeky angel: without much carbs, I was still hungry about all those haha

@HK and Macau Fine Food: I am sure if you are cooking, will be way better than this!!

Greentea00 said... lamb..esp with the crust ...yumm...

Jin said...

this looks great, j! when are you hosting a meal at your place? ;)

Scenes in Singapore life said... the pics.

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