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Cool name, but no so cool with it comes to food in my opinion. I mean it was alright, unexciting and boring? description too strong? It was rather boring when it comes to the food but had a great time chatting with friends. The decor at its K11 Mall outlet was trendy and contemporary with what I considered funky paintings and fixtures in this semi-open venue without walls.


"Too cool for School?" They would like to think so!


The Japanese gyoza was alright, firm to the bite and fairly flavorful. Good enough to go without the sauce.


The deep fried soft shell crab was darker than I expected, perhaps it was the oil being used. Not a crunchy / crisp as expected with rather thick batter. Note: rather ordinary and boring.


Fresh Asparagus with flying fish roe. It looked ... funky with the little yellow figures on the plate but that was all I wanted to discuss. Well, it was rather chilled if you really wanted to know.


The Hokkaido scallops and scrambled egg with rice was surprisingly decent, as least the toppings were alright with the hints of sweetness to it and eggs were not overcooked. However, the rice was undercooked, rather too firm to the bite.


We ordered alot of starters so we can try more items. The Beef Enoki Roll was rather boring plus not of optimal temperature and beef was too chewy.


The Deep Fried Scallops was interesting because each piece of scallop was served on top on a piece of potato chip. Talk about junk food during dinner! Mother always tell us not to eat junk food before dinner, what about during dinner? Why not! The crunchy texture of the chip together with firm to the bite scallop was quite delightful but I wish the scallop can be softer and more sauce would be nice.


The beef rice was very colorful but had the same problem of overly chewy rice in my opinion. Flavor was alright but a bit more sauce would be nice!


  • Decor and Funky dining wares
  • The Deep Fried Scallops - unique combination

  • deep fried soft shell crab - battery slightly too thick 
  • overall rice was rather too chewy, sign of undercooked? 

Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person 

Shop B231-B233, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 3122 4477

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