Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bistecca Italian Steak House


Although Bistecca belongs to the Dining Concept group just like Blue Smoke Bar-B-Que, the differences can be quite significant in terms of ... everything, in a positive way of course. It was for lunch and the place was filled with natural sun light and a very clean yet contemporary decor.


The wall fixtures gave me a true feeling that I am in side a butcher house.One thing that caught my attention was how they assign a staff or most likely it was the chef right in front of the serving table sampling the food right before sending it off for diners. It was a minor touch but made a world of differences in terms of dining experience. I am sure a lot of restaurant do that as well but perhaps behind the kitchen? the fact that I can see it happening made me happy. Maybe it was too hooked onto those cooking shows that I see chefs doing that all the time.


As part of our lunch set, a salad bar buffet was included. I did not go crazy on that because the selection wasn't very wide but good enough as starter during a weekday lunch.


Our friend D ordered the burger with bacon, I dared not to ask him for a bite because I was pretty sure he was quite hungry that day. I really wanted to take out that bacon all my myself!!!


S and I ordered the Hanger Steak which was served in a wooden cut board. Wow! Perfect center, Med Rare as requested! I cannot say it melted in my mouth but it was juicy and tender, and very beefy in flavor! Thumbs up! I think I need to come back soon to try their dinner.


I ordered an espresso at the end of the meal but it was SO watery! I had to return it for a slightly better one. I think they need to really work on the coffee. My friend D who ordered the espresso as well cannot agree with me more on this part. We ended up having another cup of espresso somewhere else!

Espresso? What?

  • Decor / Lighting
  • Hanger Steak - beefy in flavor and tender + juicy.
  • Lunch set includes only one option of steak, the hanger steak. 
  • Need to work on the coffee / espresso 

Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person (lunch)

Bistecca Italian Steak House
2/F, Grand Progress Building, 
15 Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Tel: 2525 1308

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Unknown said...

i had the hanger steak too! heheheh i wanna go again and try some pasta!

Mun Yin said...

i had lamb chops here quite recently actually! they were good, but the roast potatoes i had with them were really REALLY salty! spent a fortune on water!

Anna Gabriella said...

You should have send them back for them to redo, way too much salt is one of the worst things you can do to food.
I think the pasta is way too expensive, gnocchi with gorgonzola is a nice but actually simple dish, i dont see how they can justify the price of 168 $.
Its even tastier if you add pear ^^
Better cook those, or carbonara or burro e salvia at home.

Go for the rabbit tagliatelle with funghi porcini and peas or the wild boar (bolognese?) Penne, more worth the money in my opinion.
But the steak lunch buffet looks good and woth it, especially if the salad buffet includes some antipasti.

A really nice blog you have here, i will enjoy lookig around abit more.
Keep up the good work ^^

Jason said...

@Mun Yin: I just had lunch / brunch there again today and the lamb I had was pretty salty as well.

@Anna: yeah! I am surprised they use so much salt but this time I did not return because it was pretty much one sided in terms of saltiness. humm ... if I am returning and still so salty, I will be returning for sure!

They had some spinach for the salad / antipasti buffet today and they were SO BITTER ... I asked them to try and they had to take the whole tray back into the kitchen. They were unbelievable bitter! I wonder what kind of spinach they were because they seem to be lost whether those were special spinach or not.

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