Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish Bar and Grill


I always wanted to try out the Fish Bar at the JW Marriott Hotel and after so many years, I finally got the chance! On this summer night, my friend and I arrived around 7pm. OMG! ... I was informed that it can be quite hot because it was setup like an outdoor / poolside restaurant. Little did I know my friend meant that literally as in no air conditioning devices at all! I mean not that i can see one, all I saw was huge fans everywhere blowing at full power. Yes, it was on a summer night, a very hot mid-summer night indeed!


I started off with a cool drinks, a pear sangria which was highly recommended by the staff. Quite refreshing indeed and not overly sweet. A definite must try in my opinion. 


We ordered the Salad Nicoise to share and it was unexciting. Nice but rather ordinary in my opinion. 


As for the main course, of course we ordered fish! Among the various choices given on the blackboard, we can pick the way we like it cooked, namely, Char-grilled, Beer Batter or Pan-fried. My friend ordered the Char-grilled Red Snapper with mashed potatoes. It was flaky but lacked any fish flavors. Then again, Red Snapper tends to be like this right? The seasoned skin gave the fish alot of the much needed flavors. The Mashed potatoes were surprisingly buttery and smooth. Yum! 


As for me, I ordered the char-grilled Barramudi which was not as flaky compared with the Red Snapper but meat richer in flavors. Many said that Barramudi is best deep fried as in beer battered but that would be on my next visit when the weather is cooler for sure! 


Various types of sides were provided but rather unexciting again. The creamed spinach was not creamy enough and the sweet corns ... well ... very normal sweet corns. 


  • Simple yet focused menu
  • Barramudi - richer in flavors 
  • Sweet corns and cream spinach - rooms for improvement  
  • Not an ideal place during a hot summer night because it lacked sufficient air cooling devices. 

Avg spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person 

Fish Bar & Grill
7/F, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, 
Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

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fernando said...

Barra is best grilled or pan fried. One of the best tasting fish to come out Australia. Deep fried is kind of a travesty really.

Jason said...

@fernado: yes indeed, with the freshness and rich flavors from Barra, I reckon it would be a waste to let it be deep fried. I am right now imagining how it would taste to grill a fresh Barra soon after being caught, perhaps cook with just salt, pepper and lemon, right on the boat as well? ... hummmm

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