Sunday, July 18, 2010

Afternoon Tea Party


One this special weekend afternoon, we all gathered at Mochachocolata Rita's place and hosted our own Afternoon Tea Party! Each one of us was responsible for getting certain categories of items. That was a good approach because otherwise I would have gone crazy and got every sweets or savory items I come across that morning! Gastronomous Anonymous bought Indonesian snacks, Rita made some savory snacks, @lapetitcreme bought sweet pastries while I was responsible for savory pastries.


It took us about 15 whole minutes to setup and to arrange the plates. 15 minutes were nothing compare to ...


... the 30 minutes that it took the few of us to take pictures of the setup from every possible angles!!!


I think it took me the longest to finish, sorry all! :) ... By the way, nice tea pot for the setting! Although it was just props haha ... no tea, no nothing but just there for the pretty pictures :)


I think next time we are aiming to have an afternoon tea party with homemade pastries + savory items! :)



Unknown said...

hehehe aiyooo the flat doesn't look like this no more T_T

the next party will totally involve some home cooking ;) ;) lols

Jason said...

@Rita: Are you thinking what I am thinking? haha

Gastronommy said...

haha! This post brought a smile to my face :) Bloggers in their element.

Sarah said...

This looks beautiful and very tasty. I would love to see recipes for some of these treats. :)

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