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Carpaccio is another venture from DiVino Group which operates Spasso Italian at Harbour City and the Divno Wine Bar in Central. Situated in the new iSquare shopping mall, the resto is quite easy to find if once you figured out which escalator of the the many to take from the street floor! If you feel lost finding your way in this shopping mall, don't panic, you are not alone.


So exactly how is carpaccio being prepared? Put the whole tenderloin into the freezer and then cut into thin slices? Is this the only way? How do people prepare this before the invention of a freezer or electric cutter? Freezer is an easier method but to my knowledge another more traditional way is simply to slice the meat as thin as possible and then pound it to the desired thinness. To be honest, I wasn't sure how the carpaccio was being prepared here but I did realize that each piece was of uniform thickness and of almost uniform shape. You can be your own judge whether you like it or not. There was an apparent lack of beef flavor but was it suppose to be that beefy in taste? Once again I wasn't sure. I haven't really tried so-called traditional or enough carpaccio to be certain. (if you know, please do share.)


Parma ham was alright with just the right flavors. The melon can be sweeter in my opinion. No complaints in general.


The Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza was surprising delightful, crust not too thin and crunchy for most part of it except for the center which was a bit too soft. Flavors were well balanced as well. More cheese would be nice. Not bad overall.


The Vongole, spaghetti with clams freshly steamed with white wine, garlic and chili, was rather spicy, overpowering type of spiciness. It took over most of the flavors including that of the clams in my opinion.


Crème brulée? Excuse me but which part is really brulée? The presentation was very nice but not of a typical crème brulée in terms of look, texture and flavors. The texture was firm to point I thought I was eating overcooked egg custard. (or was it over chilled?)

Creme Brulee? What again??

The top layer was soft without the any sort of brulée cap and you can poke right through it.

Creme Brulee?? What?

They called it smooth Cappuccino custard but it wasn't really smooth in my opinion. Perhaps they should name it something else because it really deviated from what most people would consider Crème brulée.

Overcooked Custard? Possible?

  • Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza - flavors and texture pretty good 

  • Crème brulée - what happened to the brulee cap? custard too firm.
  • Vongole - spicy flavors overpowering 

Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Shop 307, 3/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road, TST
Tel: 2328 5202

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Unknown said...

overcooked egg custard LOL!!!

Greentea00 said...

hi jason, here's my last review of Carpaccio ..i guess they r good at some dishes but really depend on your luck that day..

HK Epicurus said...

Haven't tried this shop yet. Keep wanting to as everyone thinks its quite good - but after your review... :( Back in the days carpaccio's were flattened manually indeed, nowadays between cling wrap sheets usually?? :O But will that necessarily taste better compared to non half-frozen versions? Like you said - I also wouldn't know if its meant to have a lot of beefy taste or not??

U know those wagyu sashimi's? I don't think I can ever taste much beefiness in them either! But if its a tataki with grilled sides or flame-grilled, then it tastes much better! Besides, tenderloins don't have much meatiness, its more subtle in flavour (not unless u dry age it!)

Your questions is like opening the Pandora's Box ! :P

Jason said...

@HKMFF: HAHA ... I was hoping you can shed some light on this topic!

Jason said...

@Rita: Yeah! I prefer Egg Custard HAHA

@Greentea00: Maybe I should go again and try other items indeed.

Anna Gabriella said...

You might want to try Bresaola (air dried italian beef prosciuto, lean neck meat) thinly sliced like carpaccio, i personally like it with ruccola, a bit of lemon and olive oil drizzled over it, if you fancy it you can also add parmeggiano, but i think thats overpowering the other flavours.
Its milder then prosciutto but in my opinion more interesting then carpaccio.

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