Friday, February 19, 2010

ISOLA Bar & Grill (Revisited)

I believe in the exploration of culture through food but to truly do that, I think it requires quite a bit of traveling as well because it is the local settings and people that are the best teachers to guide you through the journey. Italian cuisine is one my favorites and my belief is that many Italian dishes are very hearty, homely, rich in flavors and best enjoyed at home or over casual settings. Italian fine dining is not really my thing for some reasons but many upscale Italian restaurants are opening in town recently. I guess it is just me and the strange belief of mine then.

During the weekend ISOLA offers a special Weekend Lunch Menu which included an option of Antipasti e insalate al banco (selection of appetizers and salads from the buffet). The selection was decent with plenty of greens, seafood and meats. My favorite was of course the couscous, couscous, couscous, couscous and more couscous!

For main, my cousin ordered the Tagliolini freschi alla pescatora (home made tagliolini with mixed seafood and cherry tomato sauce). He said it was al dente but flavor was a bit weak. Should have grabbed some from him to try myself!

I did not feel like pasta so instead ordered the Filetto di sofliola alla Riminese (fillet of sole with aromatic bread crumbs and vegetables). The fish was fresh, texture was tender with thin batter but the flavor was overly salty.

For dessert, it was buffet style again. The selection was fair but it was the view overlooking the harbor from the dessert section that impressed me most.

Among the dessert selection, it was the cute mini meringue tarts that made me smile. Although they were too sweet for my taste buds, they were perfect to end the meal with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  • View overlooking Victoria Harbor
  • Decent selection of appetizers and salads from the buffet
  • couscous and more couscous!
  • Filetto di sofliola alla Riminese (fillet of sole with aromatic bread crumbs and vegetables) - flavor too rich, too salty
  • Service was a bit slow, perhaps it was due to peak brunch hours
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

ISOLA Bar & Grill
Shop 3071-3075, 3/F
IFC Mall, Central
Tel: : 2383 8765

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AG said...

The little tarts and stuff are pasticci, usually bought in a pasticceria (bakery)
They have a wide selection of little tarts with crema and topped with fruits, or profiterole ( a cream puff made of choux paste and filled with whipped cream or crema, sometimes topped with choclate or other things).And also cookies and cakes.
They are usually very sweet, but they go well with the bitterness of espresso, if you dont add too much sugar to your coffee, that is ^^

Jason said...

@AG: Thanks for the tips! ^^ ... and I like my coffee black haha .. perfect to go along with some sweets! :)

Best essay writing service said...

Thanks so much. There were some people there but we went quite early so it was absolutely wonderful to explore

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