Saturday, February 13, 2010

Congee Noodle King 粥麵皇

On a very cold evening,

Anything is better than wandering,

Hunger I cannot stop thinking,

Best to sit down and start eating!

I always pass by this congee (or rice porridge) / noodle shop but never had the chance to try it out. Like many Chinese noodle and congee shops, they always use the Chinese word King (皇) as part of their name. The same applies to many Indian restaurants in Chung King Mansion. Having the world King in the name does not translate to being the best!! It is time to be more creative in my opinion. Anyhow, the direct translation of this place is called Congee Noodle King 粥麵皇 and I finally got the chance to give it a try. The interior of the place was unpretentious and simple as expected with way too many stools for each table. Lucky my friend and I were here in the evening because I cannot imagine the scene during lunch time with perhaps 6-7 people cramped into one table??? Might as well sit on each others' laps!

I ordered the plain boiled lettuce to start with. By plain I mean no oil to be pour over at the end, just plain water boiled lettuce. Surprisingly crisp!

My favorite congee is of course Pig's Liver and that was what I ordered. The congee was surprisingly creamy and thick EVEN AT THIS HOUR! Many congee places I visited before tends to be thinner by night because of the adding of water to the pot of congee (I assumed).

The liver was any delightful surprise as well. Thick, chewy and rich in flavor. Cholesterol? what Cholesterol? haha

While happily eating my pig's liver congee, I heard someone behind me ordered a bowl of cuttlefish. O yum! I love cuttlefish, so without much hesitation I raised my hand to order one! Once again, Cholesterol? what Cholesterol? I told my friend if I fell to the ground with my hands garbing my chest soon after, the cause should be quite apparent. HAHA. The cuttlefish was not bad, slightly chewy and bouncy (I guess) while in your mouth. I liked mine without any sauce.

I will return for sure and cuttlefish is a definite dish to order.

  • very creamy and thick congee even during the evening
  • love the cuttlefish, chewy and "bouncy" ...
  • Not particular comfortable
Congee Noodle King 粥麵皇
G/F., 11 Queen Victoria Street, Central
Tel: +852 2522 6089

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