Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hong Kong University Alumni Association 香港大學校友會

This place is one of my favorites and most frequented Chinese restaurant in the Central area. The chef here used to work in Luk Yu Tea House and hence the similar dishes being offered but at around 20% less in terms of price. It was one of the colder days in November this very evening and a few of us wanted something hearty, simple and warm, the best suggestion I had in mind was Hot Clay Pot Rice!

(1) Chinese Soup with Pig's Lung + Almond 杏汁白肺湯
One of my favorite soups of all time! Pig's lungs are very tough to clean nd prepare to my knowledge and so better eat outside than attempt it at home. It wasn't as creamy as I hoped but it was good, it put a smile on my face after the first sip.

STOOPPPP! It was too late, too late indeed! The waiter poked at the egg before I can stop him. My intended picture with the egg yolk floating in the center was ruined!!! Argh! The meat loaf of this Hot Clay Pot Rice with Minced Beef loaf/patty and Raw Eggs was good but texture wise a bit too ... tender? too chewy? bouncy? artificial? too much baking soda? ... I cannot find the right word to describe it but it was not what we expected ...

The same applied to the Steamed Minced Pork Patty with diced Squid 土魷剁肉餅 regarding the texture of the patty which was too ... gluey and Licorice like?? In any case the flavor was good and we finished to the last piece of it. :)

This Chicken and Taro casserole (Chinese style) was perfect to go with rice. Please be reminded that this dish is EXTREMELY filling! It was rather watery, should have been more creamy but flavor was good, not overly salty with rich taro taste in every bite. The three of us could not finish the whole thing because it was just too filling!

Now back to something more healthy and simple, Fish balls and tofu in soup 生菜魚滑豆腐煲. Nothing too surprise about this dish but the soup was heart warming and I just love all kinds of fish balls and meat balls. :)

I guess I need to return again soon to try other dishes again for a better experience especially their sweet and sour pork which is very good!

  • Chinese Soup with Pig's Lung + Almond 杏汁白肺湯 ... one of my all time favorite soups. Luk Yu Tea House does it better but pretty amazing here already.
  • Hot Clay Pot Rice with Minced Beef loaf/patty and Raw Eggs - it was enjoyable but the texture of the patty was just ... too artificial to me.
  • The texture of he meat patties
  • requires membership, have to be alumni of HK University
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Hong Kong University Alumni Association 香港大學校友會
Room 101, Yip Fung Building,
2 D'Aguilar Street, LKF, Central
Tel: +852 2522 7968

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Carrie said...

I love this restaurant so much so much, in particular the soup. Haven't tried hot pot rice here though.

Jason said...

@Carrie: thanks for dropping by my blog! This is one of my favorite with its consistent quality (most of the time I guess) and its location :)

Carrie said...

Jason: I am your frequent reader (vid google reader). Wish you a nice year with good food, and more reviews to share with us. :D

Jin said...

that waiter just gave you a reason to go back and order that claypot rice with raw egg again! :)

Jason said...

@Carrie: Thanks for your support! I am glad to know you are enjoying my reviews. It means so much to me to know that. :)

I am having much fun writing them and sharing my experiences with others. I have much to learn about food but enjoying every moment of it .. ^^

Jason said...

@Jin: You are reading my mind!!!!

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