Thursday, February 18, 2010

IR 1968 - Indonesian Restaurant 印尼餐廳

This review is another long overdue writeup. IR 1968 has been around for a long while but I never really had the drive to walk in and give it a try. Thanks to @coffeemeow @sporbo and @mochachocolata, my chance arrived and we came here for our little tweetup (twitter meetup)! @mochocolata and @Sporbo did most of the ordering since they are more familiar with the dishes while @coffeemeow and I were deciding which wine to order.

The food was alright in general, no surprises in my opinion but it was each other's company that made the meal a wonderful one! I am no expert in Indonesian food so please visit @mochachocolata blog for a detailed review on our visit.

Gado Gado - make sure you pour the sauce over and mix well before eating.

The satay looked weird on the little grilling stove with the candles inside. Taste wise they were rather weak.

I actually likes the perkedel jagung (sweet corn fritters) but as mentioned by @mochachocolata and @sporbo, this dish is a very simple dish that can be made at home very easily. I will give that a try soon. :)

A very decent dish of perkedel, I think I ate most of them ... ooops.

The lontong capgomeh we ordered was a platter of some sort and "longtong" translated to rice cakes. It was alright, many of the side dishes were items we ordered as well.

I enjoyed the beef rendang with the yellow rice we ordered along with it. Texture was good, rather chewy but the flavor was alright, perfect to go with rice.

I love ox tongue so the semur lidah (stewed ox tongue) was a dish that I finished to the last piece! It was soft enough and the sauce was a deep and rich.

The yellow rice (nasi kuning) was presented nicely and we cleaned up the whole dish!

There are not many Indonesian restaurants in Hong Kong to my understanding and I wish there can be more so to give me more opportunities to eat Indonesian dishes!

  • perkedel jagung (sweet corn fritters) & perkedel - simple yet perfect as snack in my opinion
  • Yellow Rice (nasi kuning) which was lightly flavored
  • semur lidah (stewed ox tongue) - very tender with a rich and deeply flavored sauce
  • satay - meat overcooked, sauce rather weak
  • beef rendang - rather chewy with rich flavors
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person (without wine)

IR 1968 - Indonesian Restaurant 印尼餐廳
28 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2577 9981

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bonnie said...

I went to this exact one also... their ice-cream is horrible gar.. don't ever try.. i think for their price.. we can have much better alternatives ar ! let's check it out later ^^

S.Cheung said...

i recognise this place. a whole lot of us ate @ this place on the last day of our exams approx 1 year ago. keke.

Jason said...

@Belle S: I think it is a good place to gather and chat over some snacks, but still room for improvement in terms of food quality :)

Jason said...

@Bonnie: yes I think there are better alternatives out there :)

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