Friday, February 5, 2010

Fuel Espresso (Revisited)

I rarely enter into any contest or competition because usually I just don't have that sort of luck with me and the last time I won anything from the same sort was in elementary school at some annual sport event in which I won 3rd prize in 100m sprint. Me sprint? Sport? Running? something related to exercises???? Surprised right? HAHA ... I won 3rd prize simply because (1) I was almost 1/3 taller than most kids in the same grade hence longer legs / bigger steps & (2) only 5 kids entered that particular race.

Anyhow, recently I entered a contest by Fuel Espresso (click to see details) and I WON!!!!! Thank you Fuel Espresso! What did I win? HK$200 HMV gift card! woohoo!!

The process was actually very awkward and tough because I had to snap pictures of the albums (and their names) lined up along the bar area near the ceiling. Those albums were all the way "up there" behind the bar! My eyesight and iPhone cannot really zoom that close without me leaning forward over the bar table. Took me some effort to snap those pictures without being noticed (or being overly obvious). I had to snap 3 sets as well because there were 3 sets of album covers along the entire store front and they all looked very similar that I cannot be certain which one was the correct set for the contest! Sigh ... turned out the resolution of the pictures was not good and they all came out blurred!!!! Argh!!! I took out a pen and wrote them down one after another! Pen and paper, my trusty old pals!! :) Well, my efforts paid off! (I really think they wanted to observe how contestants were going to make note of those album names way at the top behind the bar area. I used the simplest, most obvious and least subtle method!! HAHA)

Perhaps the year of the Tiger signifies the start of a good year for me? Finally? Perhaps I should enter more contests of similar sorts to test out my luck?

Fuel Espresso
Shop 3023, IFC Mall

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KennyT said...


cheeky angel said...

Yay! Now, what to buy?

Jason said...

@KennyT & @Cheeky Angel: perhaps time to buy the lottery Mark 6!! haha

S.Cheung said...

lucky you! always winning!

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