Monday, February 8, 2010

Initial Cafe

, I heard good things about this cafe; initially, I wanted this place to be special; initially I wanted to be able to look good in their collection of trendy clothes. Then again, things are never the way you initially expected them to be, right?I like their decor, the semi antique-y look environment, the furniture and cement flooring. I might do something like that to my own place in the future. I am done here with the good stuff ... here comes to not so good aspect of this place from my visit.

The cappuccino was rather weak and milky without much coffee flavors. The foam was fine and smooth but too little for a cup of cappuccino. I think the ratio of milk vs foam was a bit off. (if there is such a ratio that is).

The initial attempt with the cappuccino was not quite pleasing so it was time for another shot, an espresso shot. It was way better, the roasting flavors were more intense with a earthy tone. I should have ordered this initially.

How can I leave a cafe without some more satisfying treats!!! Sweets would do. We ordered this black sesame mousse cake which was nice with fairly strong sesame flavors. I don't think I can live without any sweets ... just can't!

  • Homely decor
  • Strong espresso with earth tones
  • Weak Coffee Beverages with a bit too much milk perhaps because espresso alone was pretty decent.
Avg Spending: HKD 100 per person

Initial Cafe

Shop 2, G/F, 48 Cameron Road, TST
Tel: 2311 4223

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Charmaine said...

You can be more confident with your assertions, as you're right - there IS such thing as a cappuccino ratio ;) I mean, so many places get it so wrong, with most people not being able to discern the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. It's easy. Both have the same amount of espresso but the former is lots of milk with a little foam, whereas the latter is a bit of milk and a lot of foam. If you hold it in your hand, a cappuccino is much lighter than a latte, which should feel quite heavy in the hand.

Jason said...

@Charmaine: I remember a few years back I heard someone order a "Cappuccino without foam." Enough said ... HAHA

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