Monday, December 28, 2009

XMAS House Party

It was time for a XMAS house party and I was looking forward to this date because of the turkey!! Thanks again to C who let us host the party at her place. Somehow I love carving the turkey as well as eating it. Most of the items below were ordered in expect for the garlic bread which I attempted but failed to a certain degree. How I failed? ... After cutting the bread I wanted to make the garlic bread by rubbing raw garlic onto the bread surface.

However, it was pretty darn hard to prepare this way. I wasn't sure if I were doing something wrong but I recall someone told me about making it this way and how it would taste much better. I tried one and placed it in the oven but the result was not very ... appetizing. FAILED!

Therefore I resorted back to the old method by mixing finely chopped garlic with some butter and then apply the garlic butter between the slices.

Placed the tray into the oven for 15 minutes at 200C. Apply some finely chopped parsley on top about a minute before it is ready. Pretty good looking right? yeah! It is always the touch of green that makes a world of differences!

As part of the appetizer, we ordered some Caesar Salad, Samosa and Crab Cakes.

The star of the show was of course the turkey!! I think it was a 10kg turkey, a very heavy bird indeed; I know because I carried it! (no cranberry sauce unfortunately, only the good old gravy)

We made some simple pasta as well but I forgot to snap a picture of it because I was busy carving the turkey! As for dessert, we had Mango Tart & Lemon Meringue Tart.

A house party / pot luck party once in a while would be nice!! No need to find a special occasion to host it, it can be a monthly thing! Woohoo!


Unknown said...

10kg!!!!! wowwwww~ u must be super muscular now :D

yes i love parties at home...yesterday i got a lil too comfy and was in my PJ when first guests arrived. OPPPPS.

re garlic bread. how abt roasting the garlic first until they become spreadable?

KennyT said...

What a feast!!!

RE garlic bread, agreed with Rita! Or perhaps you may use sourdough bread next time?

Anonymous said...

Jason, you need to put the bread in the oven FIRST. After toasting in the oven (the bread should now be firm), you then rub the garlic. I hope it will be a success next time you make them. Cheers, Carmen

Greentea00 said...

my god..they all look so good..
well know, u can rub the garlic over the bread and drizzle with olive oil..or pop the garlic and bake for 10-15 mins until it is softened..then it may makes ur life much more easier to rub on the bread..but urs looks good dont worry!

Miss Fong said...

Mmm I LOVE garlic bread! I'm drooling...haha! Btw did you change cameras? the pics are really sharp now! :)

Jason said...

@Greentea00: yeah! thanks for all the suggestions I think next time I will heat up the bread in the oven as well as the garlic so it would be easier to apply. Thanks!!! ^^

Jason said...

@Carmen: Thanks for the suggestion! The soft surface of the bread gave me a real hard time. Going to get the new method a try with my new oven ... woohoo! :) ... thanks!!

Jason said...

@KennyT: oh, sourdough, I love sourdough, never thought of using it for garlic bread but let me give that a try later! :) Thanks!!

Jason said...

@Miss Fong: unfortunately it is the same old camera for now, perhaps it was the bright lighting haha ... I am contemplating between Canon S90 or Lumix LX3, humm .. tough decision indeed!

Anonymous said...

For the garlic bread: you can also try roasting the garlic first in the oven and then rubbing it over the bread (which you can also slightly toast) - the garlic is much much softer after it has been roasted and so easily spreads over the slightly toasted bread and has a sweet / smokey taste to it. Good luck!

Jason said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for the tip! I am going to giv ethat a try next time because I always have the impression that it would taste better if I do it this way ... I hope so at least :)

Jin said...

i still give you an "A" for effort. if it were me, i'd just buy a ready one from the bakery haha! A-1 makes very good garlic breads!

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