Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swiss Cafe - 瑞士咖啡室

I wanted something quick,

I wanted something filling,

I wanted something Hongkie

I just wanted something comforting ....

It was my third time here and I keep coming back every now and then because of the above reasons. Not the most healthy choice but it get the job done sometimes with a little touch uniqueness. I am picky with my food and if I keep coming back, there has to be for a reason. What reason is that? When you step inside this local Hong Kong styled restaurant you would find it to be fairly ... CLEAN!!! Yes, CLEAN!!

Another plus was that there were mostly movable tables of which you can actually see the floor around it instead of the shadowed leg area in other similar establishments which you don't even know what you are stepping onto when sitting down. Also, the seating arrangement was quite spacious as well.

(1) Minced Beef in Tomato Sauce with Rice + Fried Egg

There were 6 choices for the set lunches and I picked the first one mainly because of the "fried egg." Oh look at the Sunny Side Up Fried Egg, don't you just want to give it a BIG KISS right away!? I was taught not to play with my food but when facing this dish, I just have to shove my spoon a few times right into the yolk and mix it with the meat sauce & rice. It was FUN but most importantly, it enhanced the flavors and texture of the whole dish in my opinion. The sauce (after mixing with the egg yolk) was fair in terms of flavors, not too rich but it was rather thick. Plenty of meat was given and perhaps it was part of the reasons for the thickness of the sauce.

(2) Hong Kong Style Coffee
Surprisingly strong! It was creamy even when specially requested less cream. Oh well, I doubt it was the right place or time (peak hours) to ask for a replacement right?

Alright it was comforting indeed but FOOD COMA attack soon after! zzzzzzz ....

  • Very clean environment compared with similar establishments
  • Very filling (if that's what you are looking for, this is the perfect dish for you)
  • Fairly strong coffee (Hongkie style of course)
  • Sauce was a bit too thick
  • Expect to share tables with strangers during peak hours
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Swiss Cafe
No.12-16 Li Yuen Street West, Central

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cheeky angel said...

OMG, that minced beef in tomato sauce with rice and a lovely runny fried egg on top. Delish! I think I'm going to have to hunt down this place soon & get a plate of this comfort food real soon. Thanks.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: yeah and I think they have this dish on the lunch set everyday too :) ... just be very careful with the food coma attack right after :)

KK said...

Beautiful cheap good! I've had 窩蛋免治牛肉飯 but not with tomatoes...this is a nice twist.

By the way have you seen this blog?

basically the guy who wrote it hates HK and its food like the cafe stuff we like with the latest post. It's warped but it's interestingly funny at the same time (and ironic how we like this style of unhealthy simple food).

Jason said...

@KK: thanks for the link, let me check it out soon! Yes indeed, cafe food is not the most healthy food out there but they are cheap, quick and gets the job done! Some are pretty good I have to say, this is the unique characteristics of Hong Kong food scene!

Jin said...

whoa! you go to this place, too? i've been there a few times for some overly greasy french toasts. never tried their lunch items though, but looks like i will after reading this post. and yeah, the place is impressively clean for a cha chan teng!

Greentea00 said...

never realized there is a Swiss cha chan tang nearby..maybe passed by but i missed it..the sunshine eggs definitely made me smile here in the office now..
i think this reminds me of my childhood grandma used to make this as my afterschool meal when i was in primary school..

Unknown said...

oh yummm! Minced Beef in Tomato Sauce with Rice + Fried Egg = i must copy this idea.
but too lazy to fry egg :D

Jason said...

@Mochachocolata: Raw eggs (Japanese Imported of course) would do just fine ... haha

@Greentea00: this dish is something simple yet satisfying and do remind me of the good old days. I remember school canteen (ie: kindergarten) serving something like that as well :)

cheeky angel said...

After reading this post and making a mental note to find this place, I headed over there this afternoon. Got there at about 2:30pm for a late lunch and got excited when I deciphered that they had minced beef and rice with fried egg on their lunch menu boards. So I excitedly ordered it only to be told grumpily that they had sold out and only had 2 out of the 5(?)sets left.

In the end, I ordered another comfort food (for me at least): Cantonese style ribs curry with rice. It was very mild and completely hearty with plenty of ribs.

I will have to return another time for that minced beef and rice dish though.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: you know what?? I think I am going head there tomorrow and try the Cantonese style ribs curry with rice you mentioned! I am already thinking about it right now!!! (need to have my can of coke handy to fight against the food coma right after!)

They ran out with that so early?? wow, I am surprised indeed. Were you being told grumpily by the man with glasses??

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