Monday, December 7, 2009

Tai Hing New Century 太興新世代

I really need to control my sudden cravings for certain food. It is not an easy thing to do but I need to try harder! However, my craving for roasted pork had won the battle for the night, hence my visit to Tai Hing New Century (太興新世代).

I always wondered about the meaning of "New Century" at this Chinese BBQ Meat joint, my first take on its meaning would be its selection of fusion dishes such a baked wasabi roasted pork with rice. When we talk about the origin of fusion cuisine, we often reference it to the rise of nouvelle cuisine in France in the 1970s whereby elements of French and Japanese cooking were combined. However, my foodie friend Babedolphin enlightened me one day by pointing me to look around more closely and one shall find that Hong Kong is perhaps the grandfather of all fusion cuisines! Highly possible indeed! Helloooo ... Baked pork chop with fried rice? Ham and egg macaroni in soup? Super tender steak drowned in baking soda? One of the best examples is famous Tai Ping Koon which was established in 1860 (or Qing Dynasty-10th year of Xianfeng if that makes a difference).

(1) Soy Chicken and Roast Pork with Rice
The rice was ridiculous hard, dry and overly crisp! It was perfect for fried rice but not as white rice!!! What else? The roast pork was hard, dry and overly TOUGH! Not that I count every time, I usually chew my food for about 20 - 25 times (for better digestion, perhaps 30 would be ideal) but for this tough piece of roasted pork, 35 chews would get you nowhere, 40 times would be more like it. I literally got tired of chewing after 3 pieces and let them as they were. The chicken was fair I guess, I had no more energy to chew through the chicken, the rice and the vegetables! Is that the meaning of New Century? Is that how the rice and pork should be??

  • afraid none so far, perhaps bright setting?? o well ...
  • Rice = hard, dry and crisp, perfect for fried rice but not white rice!
  • Roasted pork = hard, dry and overly tough!
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Tai Hing New Century
Shop 108-109, 1/F, Site 8, Whampoa Garden, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa,
7 Tak On Street, Hung Hom
Tel: 2330 6502

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Unknown said...

oh tai hing gets worse? i used to love tai hing so much! their cold milk tea/coffee

Jason said...

@Rita, it is possible that I arrived late that night and they gave me the leftovers (or perhaps only a less tender one left) but that cannot be an excuse I guess, right?? :( ...

Babedolphin said...

You know, I swear every Tai Hing is different!
In fact I was hoping to review 1 outlet 1 day...

1 week, I went to a Tai Hing (not New Century) at Tung Chung at the back of the Food Republic foodcourt. The teas were really good! The Roast Pork was really good too, but initially it looked weird with the crispy Skin falling left and right - until I noticed that the chef here separates the fat from the meat and skin 1st, before handing it to the customer.
The pork had a pretty good taste, also tender.

Fast forward 1 week, I craved for Roasts again. Went to a Tai Hing in CWB which I have patroned before too. The Ice and Hot milk tea here were slightly worst off, though not much... unfortunately my Roast pork and Charsiu were of really bad quality. Cold, hard, little flavour, not even that crunchy. And I thought they were centralised?

Strange indeed! :)

Jason said...

@Babedolphin: you had tender pork at Tai hing before? Perhaps I should pay a visit to their Tung Chung outlet. I thought they were centralized as well, but maybe the more yummy piggies were sent to more popular outlets? But the one I went should be a popular one already ... argh!

Jin said...

I guess I'm luckier. The one here in East Point City has ok pork, ok rice, and very good milk tea although I believe quality varies day to day.

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