Thursday, December 10, 2009

Japanese Beef Curry with Fish Rolls!

Inspired once again by Mochachocolata Rita's recipe, I was back in the kitchen sooner than I expected. With my strong craving for curry this very evening, I decided to make Japanese Beef Curry with Cheese Fish Rolls. Why cheese fish rolls you ask? Why not? Spotted them while at the supermarket and thought it would go pretty well with the curry (and it did). Who's there to complain anyhow, me? nah! ^^

  • olive oil, pepper and Parsley flakes
  • a pack of thickly sliced beef (saves time!)
  • a pack of 5 Cheechiku [Fish Rolls]
  • a pack of baby carrots (no cutting required! woohoo!)
  • a box of Japanese curry brick of your liking (usually comes in long rectangular blocks, 2 long blocks should be more than enough for 1-person serving)
  • one onion (chopped into chunks)
  • two small potatoes (chopped into chunks, the peeling took a bit of time but not too hard. If I am doing it, it cannot be that difficult! Having a peeler would help!)
Step 1
Heat up the pot with some olive oil. Add in the sliced beef along with the fish rolls. You don't want to fully cook the beef, just want to trap in the juice, so just stir fry it for 2 mins or so until both sides of the thickly sliced beef turned brown. Set aside.

Step 2
Put in a tablespoon of olive oil back into the pot. Add in the chopped onion together with the baby carrots and potatoes. Keep stirring until the onion starts to turn brownish or you start to smell the scent of cooked onion. Add some pepper in for the flavors.

Step 3
I don't have a measuring cup so perhaps add about 1.5 rice bowl worth of water in (approx 300ml??) or just enough the cover the stuff in the pot. Now turn down the heat by one level and let it simmer for 15 mins without covering the top. You want to soften the potatoes by doing so. Now go watch TV, play Facebook or Twitter.

Step 4
Add in 2 long rectangular block of curry and let them do the magic! Let the semi-stew simmer for another 5 mins or so. Time for more TV!

Step 5
The curry should have thickened and excess water should have reduced quite a bit. Add in the beef and the cheese fish rolls. Stir and mix well. (I like my curry thick ^^)

Step 6
Let it simmer at low heat for 2 mins and serve with rice! Top the dish with some Parsley flakes if desired.

I should have skipped the potatoes because with the rice, it was really too much for my little stomach! Then again, I don't like to see my own cooking going to waste, so I slowly but confidently cleaned the whole plate! Carbohydrate overloaded!!


Unknown said...

ohhh yummm.....this should've sent you to carb heaven instantly :D

ps. everything look beautiful with a few sprinkle of greens eh? love it!

Jason said...

@Rita: I feel like sleeping already, food coma!!! And yes, it is all about the colors and the touch of greens did the trick! :)

... but to get the correct lighting for the pictures, I have much much to learn from you!

='.'= said...

Yummy but you should share...

cheeky angel said...

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! I love curry. And curry with no potatoes is just not right imho. Any particular brand of those curry packs that you recommend? I never knew how you use them, so thanks for the lesson.

Jason said...

@='.'=: yes it would be nice to share, now that I have tried it out myself, it can be shared :) lol

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: yeah, the potatoes to me is a must as well, they give you the mushy texture to the whole dish which I love! I think there are several famous brands you can give it a try ie: S&B or House, both are pretty much the same I think. Let me try them both out to compare in the near future :)

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