Friday, December 18, 2009

one thirtyone - my new love of 2009!

Caprice, step side: you are no longer THE ONE, I have found my new love for 2009! Don't worry, we can still be friends! Like in a relationship, I want to keep this new love all to myself, no sharing at all! Selfish Love? Yes! Unreasonable? Depends! - I have been struggling all night long, deciding whether I want to post this review because I want to keep this place as my secret little love nest! But I should not be this selfish right? My new love lives in the middle of nowhere along the shore but has her own private sea dock and a helipad, yes a so-called helipad!

When I first entered the estate, I felt like returning to my home somewhere in the middle of southern France located along the coast! The homely and cozy dining area was like my own private kitchen with windows overlooking the garden and the sea. (I will return one day for lunch for sure!) How come I was not introduced to this place earlier???? Anyhow, the important thing is that I finally met my new love and truly hope this relationship can continue for a little while!

(1) Boston lobster ragout with lobster vinaigrette topped with spiced mango foam & wild arugula
"WOW" was my first reaction and my second then third as well! The marriage of flavors was simple wonderfully with the sweetness of the mango joining forces with the hints of spiced mango created a great match. Don't be fool by the word vinaigrette, the overall flavors of this starter was both refreshing and stimulating for my taste buds! Talk about love at first sight!!!

(2) Salad of French "ice leave," Japanese green house melon, Spanish 36 months cured "Iberico bellota" ham (5J) & hazelnut vinaigrette
Before tonight, I was a virgin to French "ice leave" and I was glad to have spent the night with this crisp and tender ice leaves which I regret not being introduced to earlier! I dare not to make my move immediately because I wanted to start with a gentle kiss before doing it the French way! The French ice leaves deserve to be treated gently and delicately! The sweetness of the hazelnut was a wonderful compliment to the slightly salty ham and the sweet Japanese green house melon.

(3) Cappuccino soup of wild mushroom topped with Italian autumn truffle
Another delightful surprise! The flavor was rich and gave my mouth & throat an intense stimulation. I would not go as far as describing it as reaching climatic stage in terms of flavor, but it was darn close!!! After several sips of the soup, my eyes were rolling up because I am in love!

(4) Char-grilled swordfish & Canadian sea scallop in Mediterranean style
After the soup, this dish seemed rather ordinary to me. It was still wonderfully prepared with the swordfish perfectly done. However, the sauce was rather sour and salty due of the use of olives in my opinion.

(5) Sorbet / palate cleanser
It was about time to cool down a bit because it was quite an exciting ride so far for my taste buds!

(6) Slow-cooked USDA prime sirloin & Australian "Wagyu" beef cheek in Madeira sauce with Porcini mushroom, "petits pois", baby carrot & baby potato
The beef cheek simply melted in my mouth! Enough said! The prime sirloin could have been more tender but it was very beefy in terms of flavor! The flavor of the Maderia sauce was rather complex, I am not too sure how to describe it but one thing I do know, not only did the sauce elevate the flavor experience, it caused my eyes to roll up even higher!

(7) Cheese platter
I did not expect to be presented with a platter of cheeses but a pleasant surprise indeed! While there were only a limited selection, it was nice to have some cheese!

Why think so hard on which cheese to try when you can try all of them! Come on, I can handle all of them!

(8) Chocolate-raspberry souffle with "Madagascar" vanilla ice-gelato
Ahhh, the hints of raspberry flavor in the soft and mushy chocolate souffle was beyond words! My eyes reminded closed from every bite and mixing it with the vanilla ice-gelato was a new experience by itself! Ending the meal with yet another climax!

(9) Coffee & chocolates
I needed the coffee because I need to stay up late to write up this review and to share the good news about my new found love!

I also ordered this wine because of its interesting name! Cockfighter's Ghost ... lolz

I will be framing the menu of my love of 2009 as a reminder to myself how difficult it is to find love!

Note: I wonder if the folks at Michelin Guide somehow missed this place or they got some flat tires on their way to here??

Jin considers this place as her deepest, most-guarded secret, but it was just too hard to control myself not to share this with the world! It is rather difficult for men to control! Check out her blog and you'll see what I mean.

  • Boston lobster ragout with lobster vinaigrette -great combination of flavors!
  • Cappuccino soup of wild mushroom - talk about intense sensation and stimulation!
  • Australian "Wagyu" beef cheek - simply melt in your mouth
  • Chocolate-raspberry souffle - ending the meal with yet another climax!
  • Rather remote but well worth the trip!(or try taking a helicopter if you fancy!)
  • Char-grilled swordfish & Canadian sea scallop - sauce slightly too sour
Avg Spending: Above HKD 500 per person

one thirtyone
131 Tseng Tau Village,
Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung
Tel: 2791 2684

Please Check Official Website above for Address / Map

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Jin said...

trust me, jason's eyeballs were practically at the top of his head from too much rolling up during this fantastic dinner! either that or he had his eyes closed, having an out of body experience. i'm pretty sure i was doing the same, too. the waiters must have thought we were some kind of weirdos.

i love this entry! the way you describe your love for the food will make every girl out there jealous!

but please, can you stop french kissing the ice leaves now? hahaha!!

cheeky angel said...

Thanks for the breathtaking food journey! And thanks for sharing this little secret. I think I may have to try and convince someone to accompany me on this special food journey one day very soon.

Unknown said...

ohhh love! ain't nothing like it eh?

i love the flat tires joke kakakakakaka...even with flat tires, they shoud've rolled there :D

cutieviv said...

Seriously, how many climaxes did you have throughout your encounter with your love of 2009? Looks like you hit your home run on your first date!

S.Cheung said...

aiya then i would have suggested you to visit this place after a few days - then you could have titled your entry as 'your new love of 2010'!! weee!

btw, i think this place looks fantastic! the ambience seems really nice!

baby c

Jason said...

@Jin: were you doing the same? Sorry I had my eyes closed so did not pay much attention other than the food! lolz

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: you should try to visit during the day (weekend) as well to enjoy the view. I am planning to head back hopefully soon during a weekend for lunch to get a different experience from this wonderful establishment.

Jason said...

@Rita: seriously, where did the folks at Michelin Guide go?? I think it is at least worth mentioning. The Miele Guide did mention it in its 2008/2009 edition based on the framed paper on the wall I spotted.

And yeah, the power of love vs the power of food! lolz

Jason said...

@cutieviv: the lost count after the second! haha

Jason said...

@Baby C: lolz, I might return early 2010 for lunch just so I can declare it as my love for 2010 Weeeee!

Scenes in Singapore life said...

wow, impressive meal. Must go and try.

S.Cheung said...

then you need to declare it as your old love of 2010. WAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

Chiseen said...

great entry. this has been my favorite restaurant for years. went one time after a typhoon when everyone canceled so had the entire place to ourselves. staff, food, ambiance were perfection.

Jason said...

@P. Chong: yeah, definitely worth a try. Maybe try lunch first to enjoy the view as well before deciding on dinner. (I asked and they update their menu every 2 months or so; lunch serves simialr but fewer dishes.)

Jason said...

@Chiseen: I will definitely come back again for lunch!

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