Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jean-Paul Hevin

There have been a lot of buzz about the recent opening of Jean-Paul Hevin at IFC and being the foodie that I am, I cannot help but find whatever excuse to pay them a visit for an afternoon tea. I am a frequent visitor to IFC but I did not notice the renovation or setting up of this outlet. Well, of course I didn't, they picked a location near the passage to Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong which very few would walk by. To my surprise, unlike the Ocean Terminal outlet, this one has a sitting area but right in the middle of the foyer??? There goes your privacy!

(1) Cappuccino
So to start off with our afternoon tea set, my friend ordered a cappuccino and I gave it a try. The milk foam was foamy and that was the only positive remark. There was a lack of coffee flavor, an extra shot would not hurt!

(2) Macrons
the afternoon set came with just two pieces of macarons so I had to order more, two would not be enough for myself! I ordered the following flavors: Double Chocolate x 2, Grapefruits, Raspberry, Pistachio and Fig. The sweetness of all the macarons were well balanced but it was the rich double chocolate that made my day!

(3) Tea Set
The set came with various sandwiches, canapés and cakes. O my gosh, the white sandwich bread DRY and HARD as if it was stored overnight under very dry conditions! The cheery tomato tasted like those from Park N Shop! Well, the cakes were excellent compared with the other two items.

They should stick with what the do best, which is desserts / sweets!

(3) Darjeeling Tea
It was so light that I wanted to ask them to add more tea leaves into it, but wait, there were no leaves in the tea pot, not even a tea bag!!! How can they diffuse the tea in just 5 mins before serving?? Without the leaves, I cannot even refill it with hot water?? Very shocked and disappointed!

  • Sweetness very well balanced for the Macarons and cakes
  • Service was very attentive (a bit too attentive if you ask me)
  • Hard sandwich and sub-standard cheery tomatoes
  • Very weak coffee, one extra shot PLEASE !?
  • Tea pot without tea leaves or tea bags???
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Jean-Paul Hevin
Shop 2045, 2/F, IFC Mall,
1 Harbour View Street, Central
Tel: 852 2111 9770

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cheeky angel said...

So, an overall thumbs down then? Am surprised they have allowed their standards to drop so drastically. Maybe they should stick to what made them famous and not branch out into non-chocolate and non-confectionery items?

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: exactly! I think they should stick with what they do best and not try to make the most bucks out of those they cannot handle!

M. said...

do you know if it's possible to order the cakes/dessert a-la-carte in the cafe? i want to try their sweets and hot chocolate, but not the savory like sandwiches.

Jason said...

@M: yeah, you can order Macarons and individual chocolates a-la-carte, as well as the hot chocolate as well. I am not sure about the cakes though, have to double check on that. I took a picture of the menu (the hot chocolate section), you can check it out. >

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