Monday, June 29, 2009

Te Quick Pasta & Herb Tea

Although I passed by this place many times during lunch hours, never really got the chance to give it a try. Today I did. The entrance to this place is rather difficult to find, or at least the main entrance. The first thing you would notice is the open kitchen. The cashier is located beyond the open kitchen near another entrance (I wonder where that entrance is located on the street level). For a casual dining outlet, the decor used is pretty appropriate: simple and clean cut The operations is similar to Chinese style fast food whereby you order and wait for your dish to be prepared and they will delivery to you. When you look at the menu, the first thing you see from its selection is the Japanese style pasta / salad dishes. Apparently it is a franchise from Japan. I ordered the (1) Spaghetti Carbonara.

(1) Spaghetti Carbonara
The pasta was al dente in my opinion, but they seemed to be pre-cooked for a long while because the level of hardness seemed like the result from leaving it in the cold or out in the open space for a long while. Maybe due to the need for speed since they are called Quick Pasta? Sauce was rather watery and not creamy enough (or enough in terms of amount) to be considered as a Carbonara. Maybe that's the way how the Japanese like it but I do prefer it to be more creamy!

  • can be considered al dente pasta but ... a bit overly harden pasta (due to being pre-cooked in the morning maybe)
  • seating not very comfortable
  • Watery creamy sauce
  • too little creamy sauce
  • can get quite packed during lunch hours (with people standing behind you waiting for tables ... )

Te Quick Pasta & Herb Tea (Central)
1/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Building,
37 Cochrane Street, Central
Tel: : 2110 6910

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