Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade Laksa

The last time I cooked at home was about 3 months ago, or was it 4? O well, it has been too long already, didn't have the chance to cook. Maybe I should start cooking again soon, maybe ... maybe. Tonight I decided to stay home to cook some laksa which my friend bought me from Singapore. Laksa from Singapore? Yes, it was those a ready-to-cook meal kit. Don't be fooled by the fact that it was a ready-to-cook meal kit, it was not bad at all. All necessary items were included except for the seafood and noodles. Instructions were simple but I think some steps can be combined to make it even more simplified.

It was more spicy than I expected but it was good. I was sweating while eating but enjoyed it very much ! I finished all the laksa soup to the last drop ! O yes, look at the shrimps! I love shrimps! Never too many for me! My next vacation destination is Singapore and I assure you I will buy more this ready-to-cook meal kit for sure. Cooking is a joy and I do miss cooking.


Esther said...

this looks delish! pls make me this some time! :)

Waisan said...

Really looks like the real thing! Hahaha. Maybe I should buy one to try it out myself too! So far, the laksas I've tried in HK have been too sweet. I prefer those that make me tear-up! ^^

KennyT said...

What a scrumptious laksa you made. Now you've made me crave a good o' laksa! LOL

Thanks for linking up my blog. Your blog is amazing.

Jason said...

Thank you for your kind words Kenny, I have much much more to learn from you!

Now that you mentioned about laksa, I kinda want to have one now as well ... LOL

sophia said...

I have used the Prima laksa package and it is really quite good. But Laksa ain't real unless it comes with cockles and RAW they should come!

Jason said...

@sophia, you are RIGHT !! ... it is not good old Laksa with cockles! It is hard to find laska with cockles in Hong Kong. Argh, now I want to head over to Singapore for a nice bowl of laksa !!!

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