Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Boathouse

The last time I was in Stanley was in 2006 and I seriously cannot remember why or with whom I went in with. IT has been a long while indeed. Originally intended to head to Discovery Bay for dinner but the weather was just too humid and too hot that my friends and I decided to stay in Hong Kong Island and find a quiet place for dinner. Stanley topped the suggestion list. I remembered seeing this restaurant back in 2006 because of its unique exterior and tonight, I can finally give it a try.

Arrived around 8pm and was escorted to the second floor. If the weather was less humid or less hot, I would sit outdoors so I can overlook the beach and the night view of Murray House; but definitely not tonight. I needed an air conditioned dinning area badly. I liked the decor of this place especially with the boat models on the wall and the nice staircases. I wonder if this is a old building from the colonial times because the interior layout and exterior fixtures look very ... colonial. (if you know, please do let me know! thanks)

Before going into the food we ordered, just wanted to raise an interesting question or comment regarding the picture on the left, the picture with the two glasses of beer. One was a full pint and one was 1/2 pint. However, does the glass on the right looked even half the size of the left? The glass was TINY ! I really doubt it can hold 1/2 a pint worth of liquid. Maybe it was the shape of the glass but still, I laughed when I saw the two glasses put together ! By the way, of course I ordered the full pint one, much worth the price! HAHA

Here what we ordered: (1) Bucket of fresh Seafood - assorted prawns, clams and black mussels with white wine garlic cream sauce, (2) Braised veal ravioli with brown butter and Parmesan, (3) BBQ baby back ribs with Guinness and hickory sauce & (4) African chicken with herb potates and vegetables - my order.

(1) Bucket of fresh Seafood
Assorted prawns, clams and black mussels with white wine garlic cream sauce - This dish was a highly recommended dish from my friend and I have to agree not just because I love seafood, especially prawns. It was served in a large bucket with a few items piled high above the bucket's rim like what many would do at UCC Cafe or Ruby Tuesday for its single-round-all-you-can-pile salad bar. It comes with an extra sauce on the side for those who want some extra dipping. The sauce that came within the bucket was of sufficient amount to my liking because the side dip was rather too creamy and too strong with its garlic flavor that it overtook the fresh taste of the seafood. Prawns were good, clams were nice but the black mussels seemed a bit overcooked (still good though). Thumbs up !

(2) Braised veal ravioli with brown butter and Parmesan
I took a small piece from my friend's plate and that was all I needed to give it a thumbs up! Sauce was creamy but flavor was just right. The ravioli itself was well prepared indeed. The braised veal's texture was tuna-like: soft, finely minced and rich in flavor. The amount of Parmesan used was just right so that it did not overtake the sauce. I was very impressed with this dish. Presentation of the dish was very nice too. That is another important factor in reviewing a dish in my opinion.

(3) BBQ baby back ribs with Guinness and hickory sauce
Stole a piece from my friend to try so I can at least have some comments about it. The hickory sauce was very good but the meat / rib was abit too dry. Maybe it is the rib I picked but overall not a bad dish to try. As for the potato wedges, too much salt and spices but aside from that, a very filling side items.

(4) African chicken with herb potatoes and vegetables
Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I ordered a chicken for a main course especially for western cuisine. What attracted me to this dish was the name. African chicken ... in Chinese Cuisine, when you mention African chicken (usually resulted in a blackened chicken), it refers to the way it is being cooked or prepared ... but for western cuisine, I am not sure what it refers to. When it arrived, the chicken was not black in color so it must be the sauce that contributed to its name. The sauce was abit spicy and with very a strong flavor of coconut paste. In other words, it tasted more like Thai style spicy curry paste with alot of coconut paste. Not matter how they name the sauce or the dish, I liked it. In addition to the sauce, the chicken was very tender and juicy as well even for the breast.

  • Very fresh seafood
  • Very good braised veal ravioli
  • Very good African chicken
  • Great view if outdoors or on balcony

  • cramped seating arrangement
  • a mandatory HKD 1.00 per person donation to charity (ROSE charity I think) - I don't mind giving the donation but would be nice to explain to us early on instead of leaving us uninformed through the meal expect on the bill + small prints on the menu.
  • 1/2 pint glass does not look 1/2 pint

The Boathouse
86-88 Stanley Main St
Stanley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2813 4467

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