Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cafe de Paris @ Stanley

It is very hard to find a place in Hong Kong where you can relax and enjoy the day without close encounters with traffic, buses, air and noise pollutions! I guess one possible areas is Stanley. I went in for brunch in the afternoon before meeting up a few friends for dinner there. It was indeed a hot and humid day but at least the sun was out. Among the many patios and restaurants along the Stanley Main Street, I picked Cafe de Paris because its bright yellow exterior, a sharp contrast with the rest nearby. I am glad I made the right choice.

The interior decor is very clean and simple which I like. It is vastly different than the one located in SOHO. One thing I have to point out in particular is how this place is absorbed by natural sunlight which gave me a very peaceful and comforting feeling. In addition to the sunlight, the view overlooking the Stanley beach front is another reason which I think I made the right selection, at least in terms of the environment. Before moving onto the food part, I have to say that this place has excellent service; the female staff that served me was very attentive, friendly and pleasantly talkative as well.

There were many choices to order because you can order items from the Pickled Pelican located downstairs. They belong to the same group apparently and share the kitchen to a degree. However, it would be weird to have fish and chips at a French restaurant right? I hope they only allow this during lunch / afternoon hours.

(1) Beef and Mushroom Pie
Although it is weird to order American style food at this place, I did anyhow because I wanted fries for some reasons. Among the selection of pies, the friendly staff recommended this one to me. The fries were good, very crispy. The pie itself was not as good as I expected. The puff pastry top was not as puffy as I hoped and the beef inside was more like soup then stew. The beef briskets were fair, but they were too chunky for a soup and too chewy for a stew.

On a positive note though, considering the environment and service, this is indeed a nice place to chill and relax on a Statuary / Sunday afternoon if you want to get away from crowds and noise.

  • Excellent Service !
  • Great view and environment (during the afternoon that is)
  • Love the natural sun light
  • Pie wasn't really a pie

Cafe de Paris (Stanley Location)
2/F, 90 Stanley Main Street
Stanley, Hong Kong
Tel: 2813-4822


CoRRecT said...

Ummmm.. the environment looks really nice! i would loved to try out this place sometime too...on a sunny sunday!

AWY said...

i went today (sunday afternoon) and contrary to your experience, i found the food to be really nice but the service below par.

the female services were s-l-o-w, inattentive, forgetful and one of them couldn't even speak or understand English that well. in all fairness, they weren't "horrible" because at least they have a nice smile on their faces. but their inefficiency caused quite a bit of frustration on our part.

however, the food was more than decent. the bouillabaise, the mussels and the pan fried sea bass fillet all deserve a B+/A- grade. the seafood inside the soup and the broth for the mussels actually deserve an A.

and the environment/ambiance was wonderful!

thanks for your review - especially your photos - my friend and i decided to go because we saw how nice the place was and we're glad we did.

Jason said...

@AWY: Thanks for dropping by and great to hear that you had a good time there. It has been a while since I last went and perhaps they did improve on the food part. It is quite unfortunate that the service is sub-par. I value service as much as food quality in any given restaurant, it makes a great deal of difference as well. :)

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