Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starbucks @ Hung Hom

For some reason, this weekend was rather uneventful. After watching the new Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen movie on Friday, I basically stayed home all Saturday and most part of Sunday. What better to do than head out to a coffee shop to read. I enjoy wandering around town to find some cozy places to read but due to the weather, I ended up somewhere in Hung Hom near Whampoa. With rain starting to fall, I hopped into the nearby Starbucks.

Ordered an Amerciano and later an espresso con panna. Yes, I was tired and in lack of caffeine! Anyhow, what I wanted to write about is the Coffee Egg Tart I ordered. Honestly, I did not taste any coffee flavors at all. This item is one of the local Hong Kong snacks series but I am very disappointed. However, I do have to give them credit for the texture of the crust, it was cookie base and it was pretty crispy and I like cookie crust egg tart !

  • Cookie based crust
  • No coffee taste at all !

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