Monday, June 22, 2009

Berry Bros & Rudd - The Fine Wine School

No meal review for tonight but instead I went for a wine tasting session at Berry Bros & Rudd @ The Lee Gardens. It was an Introduction to Wine course held at their retail location. (As informed, they will be opening a wine school next door or nearby very soon). When my friend and I arrived, we were given a booklet or lecture notes which I was very impressed with. The whole session was being treated as a serious learning experience rather than just wine tasting ('drinking') from start to end.

We were being offered 8 kinds of wines, a variation of white, red and Champagne. In addition to the printed list of wines, each glass was being labeled respectively as well. A minor touch which I found to make a world of differences in terms of professionalism. To my understanding, many wine tasting events in Hong Kong are being offered during lunch or dinner period with food being served at the same time. However, I think if you are starting with wine tasting, it is better to do it without the food until you truly know your wines and how to match those wines with the food you are eating. The 3 hours session was time well spent not just because of the selection of wines but also the quality of the lectures conducted by a wine professional. Thumbs up ! Berry Bros & Rudd also offers other accredited WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) courses in Hong Kong. I wonder if I should take the next level to learn more about wines ... hmmm ...

Berry Bros & Rudd - The Fine Wine School
307-308 3rd Floor
The Lee Gardens
33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2907 2112


KC said...

Sadly, I need to admit that I am not a "wine" person, but only a "food" person.

Jason said...

I personally prefer to be a food person as well but I am forcing myself to learn about "wine" so maybe (just maybe) I can find some good matching wines to complement the great food. (it will be a slow learning process indeed ... HAHA ... a lot to learn indeed)

Esther said...

Now you're going to be a sommelier too?! ;) That's awesome. Wine takes some getting used to, but once you pass the threshold, you can't stop drinking it! I can't wait to eat and drink with you - whenever that's going to happen... lol~

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