Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiffany's Christmas Fair (Hong Kong)

The Circle of Giving, A Legacy of Light
Ruth Carter Stapleton once said "Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most." While it is very true, I think Dale Evans described it even more straight forward by saying "Christmas, my child, is love in action." Love is not to be given but shared, love is not only to be shared with your loved ones but with those in need of your love. I am very honored once again to be invited back by Tiffany & Co. for their Christmas Fair in partnership with Mother's Choice, held at the 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong. A few weeks ago, it was Breakfast at Tiffany and this time it was Christmas Fair Tiffany which I absolutely loved because the festive activities during the evening made me feel like a kid once again! Yes it is not always the food that makes me act feel like a kid, stuff like decorating gingerbread man or making snow globe can easily do the trick!

The Circle of Giving, A Legacy of Light is again the theme of the evening. The event was held at the courtyard of the Hullett House at 1881 Heritage with plenty of drinks and of course food. Plenty of sweets to choose from but you will be surprised (I am too now that I think back) that I really did not eat or drink much during my stay here. Why you ask? I was too busy making different arts and crafts together with the families and kids that were invited in support of this Christmas Fair Tiffany. 


My first stop was the Gingerbread Man Jamming booth!!!


I was quite clueless as to what I should put on so I peeked at the kid next to me who was working on his. He seemed very skillful from the way he outlined the gingerbread man, however .... 


... after several minutes, the gingerbread man became some sort of pizza toppings haha ... Don't get me wrong, he was quite creative with all the colors and chocolate bits on top but a bit too much right? HAHA


So how did I decorated mine? I invited J to join me in decorating one as well so I feel less awkward in doing so with a table full of kids. Thanks J! (and actually I should not be ashamed of it because a quick look around, I see more adults doing all the arts and crafts than kids. I guess there is always a child within all of us). Anyhow, I made a semi-shirtless gingerbread man and J made the one with the pretty pink dress. :)


What's with the Tiffany blue blink-blink sparkling house on the right? Well, that was my next craft! This booth was actually setup with the help from RAW (Random Art Workshop) which I so happen to visit quite often recently for my various arts and crafts projects. Once again, I was clueless as to what I should do with my tiny wooden house so I did some "research" by checking out the work from the girl sitting next to me.


Ooops bad idea, not a friendly look ... sorry! Let me check on my left instead ....


I started off by painting the roof with some tiles ... Tiffany blue of course! I love this Tiffany blue!


After 20 mins of hard work, my house became a sparkling blink-blink house!


In case you missed it, there is Christmas tree behind the door! :) (let me zoom in for a closer look!)


After a sip of hot chocolate, it was time to move onto the next booth! Time for snow globe! As mentioned, many adult guests (including myself) enjoyed all these art and crafts activities and many were very focused that their wines were pretty much untouched!


Once again, I have to "research" a bit and I spotted one which caught my undivided attention! A very lovely tree indeed!


I loved the snow flakes so much that I had to put as many as I can without ruining the whole composition of the tree.


With a bit more work, ta-da! Shake shake and let it snow, let it snow!


There was one booth which I really wanted to join but restrained myself from joining, it was the Story Telling corner. I think I am really over the age to sit through a story telling session right?


It was a fun night indeed and for good a good cause as well.  I believe it is less of an issue which charity organization we support, it is more important how it plans to help those less fortunate who requested assistance and be there whenever needed.  


"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."- W. T. Ellis



Anonymous said...

you can make me some ginger bread men when i visit? :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! But I am always torn by how much glitz and glam I should buy vs being green and ecological? It is the "stuff" that Americans buy that is bankrupting the country while the Chinese are getting rich by producing "stuff". I have cartons and cartons of stuff lying around here that I dont have the heart to discard. Sophia

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