Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Bazaar at GSIS (Hong Kong)


A Bazaar by definition is a marketplace or shopping quarter where different vendors gather around to offer customers all sorts of items ranging from food to various clothing. The term originated from the Middle East and now it is a commonly used terms for all sorts of sales around the world. So what would interest me to this Christmas Bazaar held at the German Swiss International School (Hong Kong)? Cheeeeese! Racettle to be exact and of course I was very honored to be invited by V to join this event on this wonderful Saturday morning.  I thought 10am was very early but when we arrived at 10:15am, the party seems to have started hours earlier! A quick glance around, my focus was immediately directed to the far end of the venue where the Racettle stations were setup!


Cheese too heavy for breakfast? Nah ... I quickly went to line up for one. I wanted to get some from this gentleman dressed in purple after watching him in action, but his look sort of scared me away. I guess he wasn't quite happy I took picture of him? hummm ...


Alright, to avoid possible confrontation, I moved onto another station. This gentleman in red polo seemed more friendly right? Actually, I picked this station because of the melting cheese, Raclette!!!


Or should I go for this station where the Raclette is about ready???


Decision, decision and decision! I ended up going for one that was ready to be served!


Indulgence indeed! I really wanted to get that machine so perhaps I can prepare it myself at home??? I was quite speechless while eating because it was quite sensational, perhaps because of the whole atmosphere and the music playing in the background. Such a wonderful day started off with cheese!!!


Being the person that I am when it comes to food, how can cheese alone be enough when there were sausages and pretzel literally 15 steps away from the Raclette station.


More Mustard please!


Cheese then sausages, how wonderful!


There were series of different performances by student and even kids were loving them!


In addition to food and performances, there were various thrift store with proceeds going to charity and one activity that caught my attention; Speed Dating! There was a special session for adults and I wanted to give it try! Alas, I got to go before the session even begins!


On my way out, I spotted waffles, cute waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse! How can I resist right??


I basically added all the available toppings! No the best waffles but certainly a really fun one! :)


All the above items were consumed within 1.5 hrs prior to my buffet lunch!!! What a big breakfast indeed! My second or perhaps third stomach was kicking for more meals to come on that particular day!

German Swiss International School (GSIS) 
11 Guildford Road
The Peak, Hong Kong


Anonymous said...

May I know is it still on? how can i participate?

would die to know!!!

Gloria Cheese

Jin said...

Such a fun post, J! :) I love raclette! Yum! But what I really want to know is how the speed dating went. And where are the photos and descriptions of the ladies? Hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

great post jww... sounds like heaps of fun! wish i was there.... did u go speed dating?

Carmen Chan said...

CHEEESEEEE .... I want that machine too ... Costco has it but it's out of stock ... hahaha ...

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