Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner - Turkey


I know it is a bit too late but Merry Christmas everyone! It is better late than never right? :) ... I missed the chance to roast up turkey during Thanksgiving so I got to make it up somehow right? Christmas would be the perfect time to do so. It was Christmas Eve 2010 and a simple home dinner was all I wanted. My aunt invited me over for dinner on this special night because she was having TURKEY!! I was lucky enough that I only needed to show up and eat, but I felt bad so I helped her with the turkey by ... readjusting the it and put in more stuffing ... HAHA ... would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to my aunt for inviting me over and I would like to share the wonderful feast with all of you!


We started the meal off with Prosciutto with Melon. A great way to start the meal indeed!


Of course we need some red as well!


Next was a simple homemade salad with ... diced spam! woohoo! :)


Next was the Baked Mussels with Cheese (and some bacon bits). I lost count how many I had but my plate was full of shells quite quickly.


Time for the golden turkey to arrive! Yeah I know, it was served upside down ... but no worries, we got our turkey expert, Sam, here to handle the carving part!


After flipping the turkey over, Sam rolled up his sleeves (so to speak) and started carving the turkey! It certainly requires some skills and I am learning from him!


I wished he could have carved the turkey a litte faster! I was very hungry still!


It was quite hard to just watch so I took a few slices for .... tastings! :)


The so-called traditional stuffing would be bread stuffing but my aunt added a little twist to the stuffing and made a slightly less filling stuffing using carrots, celery, carrots and onions which was equally yum!


As for dessert, homemade Bread Pudding!!!! It was my aunt's first attempt and it was a success in my opinion. Crunchy on top, very moist in the center with hints of raisins flavors. 


There was no custard this time but I think the pudding was good the way it was, no need for custard! 


Argh, I think I should try making my own Bread and butter pudding soon! I love it so much myself I should at least give it a try! (Let me go buy some bread tomorrow and let it go stale!"

Once again,  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! What did you wish for from Santa? I wished for an extra stomach, I think it is time to test out if my wish came true! ^^ 


Rachelle said...

Hehehe you should definitely try making bread's IMPOSSIBLE to screw up! And LOL about the buying bread to let it go stale part...I do that too, along with buying bananas to let it go overripe so I can make banana bread.

Happy holidays and hope your wish comes true (for you and me!) ;)

Waldo said...

Spam salad! Nice =)~

Razlan said...

This is the first time I read someone wishing for an extra stomach. LOL. Merry Christmas!

Carmen Chan said...

spam salad. yum~ I had spam for breakfast (with rice noodles) and dinner (hot pot) on boxing day. haha ... love bread pudding too ... Stefy made great bread pudding but I never try to make it myself ...

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