Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feast @ Hotel EAST (Hong Kong)


As mentioned before, I rarely attend tasting events but this time would be an exception for the following reasons: (1) Mochachocolata Rita was joining as well, (2) the gathering was relatively small scale and (3) I could have the chance to meet Patricia of  Sù Yán Tiān Shǐ 素顏天使™ , the man behind Cha Xiu Bao Josh Tse as well as Nana Chan whose food writing I enjoy very much. However, it was to my disappointment that both Josh and Nana could not make it. Ah well, that certainly did not deter from from having a fun and entertaining evening.  Thanks for the warm invitation by Swire's Hotel EAST (Hong Kong), our night started off on the rooftop lounge Sugar overlooking the Victoria Harbour.


We had the luxury to enjoy spending our happy hour at the illuminating sitting area at the end of the outdoor terrace. After a short introducing and round of "ice breaking," not only did I get to know more about Patrica and Takako of Cathay Pacific Travel Blog , I realized Rita has some secret of her own I never knew. (not telling though haha) While I quite enjoyed the view and atmosphere of Sugar, one thing I have to point out was the huge bean bag that I was sitting on the whole time there! I mean it would be wonderful if I am to come here with my significant other (if any) and try to be cuddly but when it comes to grabbing food from my sitting position, it was quite an exercise to get myself out of the bean bag! Perhaps it was my problem??? Take for example the delicious Sausage Tree, by the time I got out of my bean bag, all of them have already finished taking pictures, anxiously waiting for me to finish up! I think I need to start doing more exercises


After our short stay at Sugar, we went down to Feast for the highlight of the day. We were seated at the chef table, a cozy hole-in-the wall setting overlooking the semi-open kitchen.


Before the starter was served, we had a platter of various ham to kick start our stomach. I was still thinking of the Sausage Tree from Sugar at this point. Argh!


Second pre-meal item was a plate of oysters!! I forgot which kind we had (forgot to mark it down again! argh!) but it was the very creamy type with quite an intense flavor. The shell was quite brittle so one has to be very careful. I think I need to eat more oysters so I can distinguish them by sight! Excuse? yeah ... a good one to eat more oysters for sure! :)


The first course of this special menu was the Goats Curd and Mushroom Tartlet, Pancetta Crumble and Yellow Pepper Jam. I thought I was having desserts from the look of it but being all savory, the sensation was quite ... pleasant! It was like having main and dessert in one go! The Yellow Pepper Jam was worth noting because it has a very subtle yet stimulating flavors that compliment the rather richer flavor from the Goats Curd and thinly fried crispy ham.


Lobster: Tea, Foam, Grilled and Ice Cream. The name by itself made us all wonder what this can be. A full meal in one serving? Ice cream? humm ... Once served, puzzle solved! We started with the Foam which was like lobster bisque, followed by the Tea which was a light lobster broth. Then we moved towards the center to the grilled lobster and then to the Ice Cream which was chilled. The Ice Cream was indeed quite interesting, it was basically the lobster bisque in a more solid form. For some reasons, I think they should figure out a way to present this better, somehow it looked ... quite empty on the plate, perhaps it was the untrained food stylist inside me that is talking. Perhaps I am just being picky. :)


Rockmelon Lime Sherbet was then served. Nothing really exciting here but it was a nice refreshing dish to have before our main dish.


Vanilla Braised Beef Cheek with Celeriac Ravioli. Beef Cheek I had plenty before, usually with red wine reduction sauce or something with red wine, but seeing it being prepared with vanilla made me ... curious as to how it would taste. It was quite good. There was only a slight hint of vanilla flavor, just enough not to overpower the beef flavors. Of course the beef cheek was tender and soft with a gluey texture in between the layers. I quite enjoyed this dish.


Dessert was quite ... fun! Snap Crackle and Fruit Pop it was called and it took the literal meaning as well.  The little cup on the left was making sizzling, popping sounds when being served and we were informed that we must quickly consume all of it like a shot of tequila to preserved the crackle and popping! Oh they popped alright! They added plenty of popping candies inside the fruit cup and the popping tickled my taste bud quite literally! The Petit Four was rather ordinary unfortunately.


Once again, I would like to say thanks to Hotel EAST - Hong Kong for inviting me. I had a wonderful time and it was a fun night indeed! We chatted about food, travels and of course ... my profile picture, my picture with pink polo! (I am going to stop at that .... haha)

  • Sugar - Great view! + Great Sausage Tree! 
  • Feast - Chef table setting was quite nice for a small intimate party 
  • Feast - Vanilla Braised Beef Cheek with Celeriac Ravioli, the light hint of vanilla complimented the overall flavors without overpowering the beef flavor. 
  • Sugar - bean bag chair!!! (maybe I am the only one with trouble getting up from it??) 

Avg Spending: Courtesy of Feast from Hotel EAST - Hong Kong

Hotel EAST- Hong Kong
29 Taikoo Shing Road,
Hong Kong Island East,
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3968 3968 ‎

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Unknown said...

At least you didn't throw half of your drink onto the fur table cover :D

Suzanne said...

The more I look at your pictures, the more I love your camera! And food at FEAST looks interesting! Another place on my must-try list!:))

And oh, dont worry, Im sure I will have problems with the bean bags too! hoho

Anonymous said...

I hope you went somewhere nice for dinner after those tempting, but very small, appetisers! Do they do full size food as well? :)

Jason said...

@smogsblog: you know what, you are right! haha ... I had a light snack later that night but it can be my overactive metabolism haha

Carmen Chan said...

the lobster dish looks interesting ... the sauage tree looks great ... should get a stand (sauage stand? hahaha) and make it myself ... I LOVE SAUAGE!

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