Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kwan Kee 坤記腸粉

I just wanted something simple, something hearty and something I can just enjoyed and depart with a smile. It does not have to be a fancy dish that gives me such pleasure, street food, soul food or even fatty food would do just fine. Sometimes the perfect meal is just a simple meal which cheers me up the most. A recent article in The New York Times, titled First Camera, Then Fork talks about the trend of people taking food pictures and how this "hobby" of photographing food can be a more accurate way to document life according to an avid food photographer and foodies. Others such as Tucker Shaw, the food critic for The Denver Post, even go as far as saying that photo blogging everything he eats "are incredibly personal" and one can deduce the type of person that he is. So what does it make me or what type of person am I? I am not even sure myself ... a person who loves to share perhaps? :)

Today I like to share with you my street food experience at Kwan Kee. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, definitely not very comfortable in terms of seating arrangement but it was exactly what made me depart with a smile. My friend and I ordered a huge bowl of steamed Rice Noodle Roll 腸粉 with plenty of sesame sauce and sweet "Hoisin sauce." Oh yes it was hearty, it was yummy and it was satisfying! The sauce can be thicker but we were a happy dude!

Next we both ordered the "fake shark fins soup" 碗仔翅. It was too watery and lacked the amount of glass noodles but again it was satisfying for my craving. With a few drops of red vinegar, it was .... yum!

We were there for a mere 5 mins and there was a constant line up! Averaging HKD20 per person and a constant inflow of customers (+ cash), not bad for business at all! Did I mention it was a on a Friday afternoon, public holiday as well.

  • Plain Rice Noodle Rice, not too thick and freshly steamed
  • Wide selection of other items such as dumplings and even congee
  • Seating arrangement (then who is complaining ... at least it has a roof)
Avg Spending: Below HKD 50 per person

Kwan Kee 坤記腸粉
Chik Fu Street, Tai Wai, NT

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mr c said...

Thanks for your awesome pics & reviews on food in HK! I've only been to HK once for a week(last year) but, I'm yearning to go back for a longer stay next time around. I'm planning to use your blog to hit up some spots that you recommend on your daily excursions! I particularly love street food! Thanks again for your informative blog! Your reviews & food porn pics really make it seem that we are right there in Hong Kong with you minus the temperature & the crowds!

Happy eating!

Pat from NJ

Jason said...

@Pat: Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your kind words! yeah it is always the temperature and the crowds that made it unbearable at times despite the good food! haha

Beef No Guy said...

I LOVE ju cheung fun! I can still remember the last time I had it in HK, which was shockingly around 1987 or so, some gai fong type eatery in the Chi Fu Gardens (past Pokfulam), either that or outside the Imperial Theater near St Joseph's Primary School.... I would get maybe $5 worth in a bag to go, and finish it before getting on the upper deck of the bus back home. Sadly the only JCF I can get here in the USA is pre-made and I have to re-steam it from the supermarket. And I have to buy supermarket sauces to mix!! By the way how is Kwun Kee's JCF versus that very well known place by Sham Shui Po (reviewed by ChaXiuBao a while back)?

Jason said...

@BeefNoGuy, I think I know which one you are talking about but I am yet to try. I have a feeling it would be better than Kwun Kee's because those we had were very commercial like / mass production version instead of freshly made. In any case, it was the experience, atmosphere and wet floor that made it good! :)

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