Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oyster Station Snack and Oyster Bar

When it comes to oysters, I just can't control myself from smiling throughout the meal. Su Casa has been one of my favorite place for oysters but there is no harm in finding more outlets just in case right? The quest for oysters brought my friend and I over to the Kowloon side, a place called Oyster Station Snack and Oyster Bar. The venue was relatively small or cozy if you like that word better. They do have a small patio section so make sure you specify when you book a table here.

Many non-oyster items on the menu were deep-fried with only a handful of pasta dishes and a highly recommended crab congee which we did not try unfortunately.The first thing being served was the complimentary tomato soup which was a pure disgrace! Why such harsh word? Well, it was basically sliced tomato boiled in water then sprinkle with some herb and HALF a bottom of Tabasco sauce! I often tried to finish everything no matter how unappetizing the item was but I really can't for this soup.

Good that my disappointment was soon overcame by the plate of uni! They were not as big as I expected but fresh enough that carried hints of sweetness. You can enjoy them with nori which they provided or just as they were without any sauces.

Time for the main course: Oysters!!! The first batch consisted of Blue Point (not 100% sure), Eagle rock, South Africa Namibia. Among these 3, the Namibia was my favorite, creamy and sweet! (if served colder would be nice)

The second batch consisted of South Pacific Rock, Gigas and Fin-de-clarie. Among the 3, the gigas was my favorite for its texture and sweetness from the oysters as well as the sea water. However, one thing I disliked very much was the fact that they pre-cut the connecting point between the oysters and their shell (aka Adductor muscle I think?). I prefer to cut them myself.

After 2 batches of oysters, it was time for some hot food. We ordered a mushroom pasta but I think I can do better than that. Linguine too soft and too much sauce.

  • Relatively fresh oysters
  • fresh and sweet uni, require advance ordering
  • BYO wine policy - no corkage fee for first 2 bottles
  • the soup was a disgrace in my humble opinion
  • as the resto name suggested, it is a snack place, order those deep fried stuff just to be safe, pasta was not its strong point.
Avg Spending: Around HKD300 per person
    Oysters Station Snack and Oyster Bar
    G/F, Sky Tower, Tokwawan, To Kwa Wan
    Tel: 3514 3062

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    Andrew said...

    Hi Jason

    I like the new format; stylish.

    Just wondering, how much were the oysters? From the 'cozy' setting it looks like a place with reasonable prices?


    Jason said...

    @Andrew: Thanks for pointing it out! I forgot to put down the price. The platter for half a dozen was about HKD180, pretty reasonable in my opinion. I just recall something I forgot to mention as well, the BYO wine policy as well whereby the first two bottles are free of corkage charge. :)

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