Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lung Wah Hotel 龍華酒店

Yet another old-school classic resto in Hong Kong but being old-school does not translate to quality food. It was a rather hard to find place hiding in Tai Wai and we had to take a taxi and then walk over the foot bridge to reach the so-called entrance.

Oh no, that wasn't the real enterance, you had to walk up a red-lighted "tunnel" / pathway to reach the actual entrance.

The resto has a outdoor dining area which doesn't really go well with a Chinese restaurant especially with the beach umbrella. Then again, who am I to judge, it might have been the trend 30 years ago.

Lung Wah is famous for its Pigeon so the three of us ordered all its pigeons on the menu! (1) Crispy Roasted Pigeon, (2) Braised Pigeon in Soya Bean Sauce and (3) Baked Pigeon in Rock Salt. Among the 3 kinds, I prefer the Braised Pigeon in Soya Bean Sauce for its richer flavors. The Roasted Pigeon's skin was not crisp at all as if it was roasted for quite a long while ago. The Baked Pigeon in Rock Salt was under flavored for my personal liking.


Soya Sauce

Baked in Rock Salt
Sweet and Sour Pork can be a dish test the skill of the chefs of a resto and the one being served was rather unexciting. The problem was the sauce in my opinion, a bit overly sour.

If you have a stuffed nose, you can give this Pan-fried Beef Fillet dish a try. Why you ask? I sneezed and coughed from a simple quick sniff of its aroma scent / odor, its overly acidic and sour scent just burnt my nostril!

What we found to be interesting from the Pigeon Eggs with Mixed Vegetables was the eggs themselves. They were almost transparent! Crystal transparent to be exact. A simple yet interesting dish. Don't expect strong flavors, it was a simple dish.

  • Braised Pigeon in Soya Sauce
  • Rustic and old-school atmosphere
  • Pan-fried Beef Fillet - such strong acidity aroma scent / smell!
  • Sweet and Sour Pork - sauce a bit too sour
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Lung Wah Hotel
Ha Wo Che Chuen, No 22, Sha Tin
Tel: 2691 1594

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Greentea00 said...

i like Lung Wa's chicken congee + fried pigeon, their tofu fa is so silky smooth ..and most of all, it's the childhood memories with my grandma.

cheeky angel said...

If you look again at the map, this place is near the Sha Tin station and not Tai Wai.

Nice photos of the food.

Jason said...

@Cheeky Angel: oh ... when we take the taxi to here, the taxi driver told us it was Tai Wai haha ... I really need to explore that area more :)

@Greentea00: oh we should have ordered the congee to try :(

cheeky angel said...

Your taxi driver's talking rubbish. Take a look at the map and you'll see that the resto is too far north to be classed as Tai Wai now (maybe many moons ago when Sha Tin hadn't been built/ developed then it was?). Yes, there's plenty more to explore in the N.T. :)

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