Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweetacy 甜之謎


Only a handful places in Hong Kong offer durian desserts and recently I found this shop in Kowloon City which offers an interesting creation, at least to me it was interesting. Situated in the Kowloon City Plaza, Sweetacy was rumored to have spent about HKD 1 million (or was it 3 million?) in renovation, furnishing and the whole nine yards in preparation for its opening.


I think in Hong Kong's standard, HKD 1 million to be spent on opening a resto was considered relatively cheap but I am no expert in this area but I think they could have spent a bit more on the MENU! It looked CHEAP, a huge laminated piece of paper only. (if it was HKD 3 million, SHAME! Should have spent more on the MENU!)


The highlight of the night was the Durian Rice Noodle Roll! It was surprisingly good! the durian was rich in flavor, mushy and wonderful AROMA! :)


Next we ordered the Cheese Souffle but it was .... hummm. Many desserts have cheese flavors but this one uses very strong cheese (I think it was cheddar) which made it very SALTY! Was it the way it should be? I wasn't sure but we did not like it at all, the salty flavor form the cheese really put me off.



Check out the cheese strings below! I did mention it was overly salty cheese right??


  • Durian Rice Noodle Roll - Yum!
  • Flimsy Menu
  • Overly Salty Cheese Souffle
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Shop No 201-202, 2/F, Kowloon City Plaza,
128 Capenter Road, Kowloon City
Tel: 2718 8850

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Unknown said...

u had salty dessert! LOLLL

btw, i think i've tried tat durian cheong fun somewhere...(forgot where...)

Anonymous said...

that durian cheong fun looks interesting! not sure about the salty dessert though - too weird!

Jason said...

@gastronomous: yeah! I think the "salty" dessert was not suppose to be that salty ... wrong type of cheese perhaps? humm

@Rita: let's go and have more durian desserts!!! :)

Jin said...

i love durian! and that rice noodle roll looks mouthwatering. i've had pretty good ones at Lucky Dessert but yours looks way more delicious. and wow, i'm loving the blog's new format! way to go, j! :)

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