Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Grill

I actually forgot when I visited, I just remembered it was a cold evening a few days before or after XMAS. The Grill at the Grand Hyatt is one of my favorite buffet venue not for its selection of items because there aren't many, but I quite enjoyed the pool side atmosphere and its focus on grill item. In any case, it was another Boring Meal to be honest.

It can be quite romantic if you are into buffet. I can no longer eat as much as before and I prefer to the tasting option whereby I can try a little bit of everything. Having buffet once or twice a year would be more than enough for me.

I was quite impressed with their romaine as always, crisp, chilled and refreshing. With bacon bits and some dressing, wonderful!

The seafood and appetizer sections were decent, selection was wide enough for my personal preference.

The grill section was the highlight with various meats cooked to your liking. Medium rare for steak please!

Don't expect much from desserts because there were very little choices. Then again , after all the meats, only little room left for desserts ...

  • Atmosphere
  • Great selection of meats + limited yet sufficient selection of seafood
  • crisp and refreshing romaine lettuce
  • Pool side so it can get rather cold sometimes and food can get cold very easily
  • Desserts selection way too small
Avg Spending: Above HKD 500 per person

The Grill
11/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong,
1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Tel: 2584 7722

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cheeky angel said...

Meatfest!!! This is one place I'd like to try.

Wish we had more alfresco-suitable weather months in HK, so we could enjoy the outdoor scenery and didn't have to hide away inside with the air con roaring away.

In addition, yay to the new look of your blog :)

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: thanks! wanted to add some more colors to the blog :)

Unknown said...

ah, i tried this place too quite a long time ago...wasn't impressed by the grilled meat & the food variety at all...so, i never went back. oppps~

Jason said...

@Rita: yeah, it is all about the meat only, very few selection of others stuff unfortunately, ie: sweets haha ... I feel like meat again now!

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