Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Detox Session - Day 2 - Baby Food

After 2 days of baby food, I am quite confident to say that the more delicious and savory the name of the baby food flavor, the more bland it tastes! I am serious! On day two I tried Vegetable Chicken from Gerber followed by Organic Baby's Peaches, Rice & Banana.

As I said, the more savory the name is the blander it tastes. The Vegetable Chicken was quite watery and bland in taste of course! A strong green pea aroma but lack of any hints of chicken scent. Flavor wise I am speechless because I wasn't sure what I tasted at all. It was a definite pass for me ...

Similar to the Prunes and Oats from Day 1 of detox, the sweet baby food gave me delightful surprises! It was just sweet enough but it was really good! Less watery and more pureed like. The rich flavor of peaches and hints of banana flavor made it an enjoyable sweet snack after dinner! I wonder if they come in a bigger bottle or jar???

Alright, 2 more bottles of baby food to go for my first round of detox session; however the remaining two are non-sweet flavors. Wish me luck please!

Note: the baby food was consumed as snack replacement during this detox session and not as substitute of my main meal.

End of Day 2 - Detox Session - Baby Food

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Unknown said...

Nooooo......ok good luck with the rest of ur detox days. Let's binge after? :D wakakakaka

S.Cheung said...

baby food...dont come and cant come in 'bigger bottles' ar! hahaha i like the way you mention that baby food is NOT a substitute for main meal. this is a very appropriate health warning for a weight-obsessed society.

Lisa said...

I love your approach!!! I definitely agree that the meats are less flavorful, but keep in mind that they are reduced in sodium - whereas adults do eat LOTS of sodium. The fruits are always yummy! You should consider trying some of the more advanced stuff - chicken noodle is pretty good :)

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