Monday, January 11, 2010

Simplylife (Revisited)

My last visit here was about a month ago for Sunday brunch, this evening I was here for a Sunday dinner before a movie. I just wanted something simple but simple does not translate to something quick or without certain quality preferences; I guess it has to do with the attitude towards it. A bowl of instant noodles with a cup of HK-style milk tea at one of those old school restaurants (cha charn teng 茶餐廳.). A meal similar to that experienced by Gigi - Between Coffee is something I do consider a simple yet satisfying meal.

Although this place is called Simplylife, the items they offer are not that simple indeed. Items on the dinner menu were like those from fine dining establishments whereby all ingredients were listed out. I guess it was nice to know what exact ingredients they used but when you just want something simple like a bacon cheeseburger, the details just make things more confusing in my own opinion.

Their Ginger Ale is something I order every single time because it is good! It actually has a real ginger in there which give the ale a kick in terms of ginger flavor. A highly recommended drink if you like gingery flavors.

I quite enjoyed their Caesar Salad which came with a few slices of soft boiled eggs. The sauce was not overly strong and just the right amount of it as well. More cheese would be nice.

My friend ordered the Angus Prime Beef Burger with cheddar cheese and crispy back bacon. Apparently they don't serve with spicy fries on default anymore (at least at this location), it has to be specified. Hello Spicy Fries, I love you! :) ... The beef patty was a bit overcooked but very beefy in flavors. Bacon was not as crispy as hoped but with very rich bacon flavor which went well with both the cheese and the beef!

As for me, I ordered Seared Salmon with Chickpea cake, carrot ginger juice and herb salad. It was overcooked, not what I was being told by staff that it would be cooked at medium. The chickpea cake basically soaked up all the carrot ginger sauce over the course of the meal and the cake became pretty soggy and overly rich in terms of flavors from the sauce. Overall it was alright, a fairly healthy dish I would say.

  • Great Service
  • Spicy Fries!!
  • Ginger Ale - the piece of ginger make the world of differences!
  • Salmon a bit overcooked
  • Beef patty overcooked
  • I don't like the fact that the chickpea cake soaked up all the sauce!
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Simplylife: Bread and Wine
Shop 1081, IFC Mall
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2234 7356

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cheeky angel said...

I love the colour contrast of the just done boiled egg against the green of the salad leaves.

Jin said...

hello spicy fries, i love you! aaawww... :)

Jason said...

@cheek angel: yeah! I did play around with the food before taking the pics HAHA ... shhhh!!! but the contrast do make the dish a bit more delicious! :)

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