Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breakfast Anyone?

I am not a morning person at all and I usually trade in my daily breakfast for an extra hour of sleep! However, once in a while (once or twice a month), it is a good idea to do some breakfast gatherings with friends if they can make it of course.

Check my my article with CNNgo for some of my suggestions for breakfast:


Greentea00 said...

always wana try Le Salon for so long..i saw many good reviews in openrice raving about their croissants it's just depends if i m willing to make the effort to wake up on sunday (hahah)..but i have a feeling i 'll not regret this..that congee looks really "Min" ..must be good..i'm a soupy kind of gal.congee, ho fan are my all time fav.

Jason said...

@Greentea00: yeah! usually in the morning the congee tends to be more "Min", and in the afternoon they will add in water (maybe) haha ... it is very comforting to eat congee in the morning! (and also fast reaction of Food Coma!!)

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